Your Maker – You!

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron
29th October 1998

Dear Heart and Precious Ones,

I am Metatron,

Let me impart a few words, you may have heard them before.  your will is mine – and mine – yours - (pause) -  thine eyes are open.

----  Gabriel will share much wisdom to heal the division within the spiritual/religious sectors.  He is the protector/projector of such matters.  Many illusions will be shattered.  knowledge that has been scattered to the four winds will begin to sing again.

----- There will be - at times - a need to refrain from judgement -----  for some judgement may come when certain events are revealed.  Much has been concealed by the current – and past religious sectors.  They have created “deflectors” so the truth was not available.  Gabriel will unleash the horse to course through the annals of history.  Some blistery tales will ensue, and in this we do advise ----  to imbue self of Love.

You see, the religious sectors and the deflectors were also meant to be, to create the very history, so many hate - to "make" them (the people) consult the reason the bolt to the stable door had been firmly in place.  For until this time, the religious sectors and mankind has been unable to face the bind, in which they (individually) – and he (collectively) - had chosen to place themselves.

the religious sectors only emulated what man was “fated” to be – by his own making!

Man has been slaking his guilt - for he has been up to the hilt in it - by “using” the churches/ religions to lurch from one mishap to another.  The church has been there to “spare” each and everyone - from coming to the realisation - it is themselves, who have kept themselves from experiencing jubilation!

the salvation of mankind is – and has always been – in his own hands!

Whilst man has been slaking his guilt, and whilst he has been told by the church to “make peace with Your/His Maker” - it was not in actual fact the religious Creator/God about which the church spoke it was/is for Man to make peace with Man himself!  the church/religions have “held the energy” for the many attempting to “make peace with you – you, your maker/creator”.  Now it is time to expose the duplicity.  And what do you suppose it is?

the/your maker – is you!
the creator is
You were created in the image of god/creator – the divine
You wore the same shoes in which He was/is shod.

It is with you - you need to make peace - the human you, SO the Maker/God/Creator/You -  your divine self hidden beneath the physical, is exposed!

You are all an aspect of the Creator.
You all are the “Makers”. 
You all have been shown through many stories. 
You all have “hold” of the glory you can be, if you would but allow yourselves to see the divinity within each of you!

Do you remember when you were aware of the Love you all shared with yourself and others - when everyone considered themselves as - and were - sisters and brothers?
Do you remember when you were all creating your reality in Love? 
Do you remember when you all held the Dove of Peace? 
Do you remember when you all gave it away to play out your current scenarios, when you "fell from the State of Grace"?

 - (pause) -       We feel your hearts begin to race.     - (pause) -

Do you remember when you consented to place yourself outside of the State of Grace, when you first lied, when you first placed yourself apart from your heart?  -(pause)-   And - since then tears smart in your eyes as you wonder why someone does you an injustice?

all of this structure has been put into place by you – so at sometime you may choose to face your maker  - (pause) -  you!!! 

Draw out the sword of guilt and see that the hilt is covered in the guilt of truth - the guilt of gold.  behold! - (pause) -  you are born from your forlorn existence!!! 

You have made peace with Your Maker - You!

And so you no longer need the intermediary - the church/religious sectors -to prop you up. –(pause) -  for the golden challis – the golden cup of divinity – is in your own hands from which you may now sup in Love. 

The Dove of Peace lands at your feet as you further expand you new found awareness and hold the shoes of gold.  Be bold and wear them.  declare your awareness of the maker – the creator – you are!

It was never far from you.  All you needed to do was to make peace with yourself and the wealth of experiences you have been through.   This peace ignites Love so you never have to fight the very thing you are made of - your physical existence, the Earth who is your family, family and friends who are you, other nations who are you.  Do you follow?

The hollow feelings in your heart and gut will adjust as you sup from the cup of peace – the cup of Love - old, old memories released and Loved, as the Dove of Peace helps you “release” further. 

The fear, guilt, anger and rancor which you held for so many, has been felled like a hollow tree - for you see - from the warmth provided by the tree, the emerging morrow.  sorrow replaced by peace – laced with love.

You have made peace with your Maker.  You are then able to see the creator of all (Spirit – God) – and you - in a far different light.  Not as a ground shaker and breaker of bones in judgement - but One who owns - and is and be – total love.  One who wishes to share - how you too - now may be!

See  -(pause)-  you knew it all along!  Come sing our song of Creation and witness the Salvation of All.

Sing Love, Sing Love, Sing Love, as you rise above your current disposition. Sing and feel with conviction the transition as you aspire to your hearts desire.  Sing away earthly resistance to Love. 

pray for peace, live peace.  pray for love, live love.
speak peace, live peace.  speak love, live love.
think peace, live peace.  think love, live love 
-  for all to be released.

For as you think, so you will sow.  And as you sow, so you will reap.  Steep your thoughts in Peace and Love and face your maker – you!

Face you and ask you what you wish to do and be.

let thine will be done!

I Am Archangel Metatron from The Great Central Sun.


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