Who Knows!

Channelled for The Great One by Rae Chapple


How ever one comes, how ever one goes – one "Knows" of outcome.

Where would you be without the three principles of life – birth, death and in between?

Without birth – there is no life as you know it.
Without death – there has been no life as you know it.
Without the in between – there has been - is - no life as you know it.

So birth, death and - in between is life to you.

What is the most important?  Birth?  Death?  Or, in between?

Can there be the one without the other - or, the other without the one?  Or, the two without the one - or, the one without the two?

So – the sum total of life – as you know it – is the three.  It was - is, and will be – all a part of Thee!

Some come, go – then "Know".
Others come, "Know" – then go.
Few "Know" - come, then go.


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