Are Your Wants – What You Need?

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Archangel Michael
23rd January, 1998.

(Rae’s comment - I was having a tussle with a delay problem associated with my work.  Finally, out of frustration, instead of "going it alone" I voiced my intent that the problem would be solved.  I opened the way for a solution to come in appropriateness and in all perfectness.   Much to my amusement, the following channelling was relayed.  They had been patiently waiting to see if I would "practice what I preached".

Incidentally, what I perceived to be a “problem” ceased to be.  I was unaware at the time my delay/problem needed to “be” - due to other work not being completed by another company.  Hence my problem of delay was really right on time for - the work in which I was involved – could only be done after the other company had completed theirs!  The timing was perfect)


Ah Huh! Blessed One,

I am Michael and I come in Love.

That is fine. (referring to my request for help)

Now - this is how it need be - give intent.  Intent - that instrument which rents the veil - to avail self of the cosmic wealth.

Now - my Dear - let us consult these fears, so you may vault over them, without any disgrace - which would have you in fear yet again.

And this lesson be - is to know - you may be as me.  -  Operating from a higher stance of Love which will enable you to have endurance at the "hardest" times.  These difficult times - you will find – are really blessings in disguise.  It allows one to open ones eyes and see the disguise in which the "hardness" or problem is veiled.  it is for one to see the box into which one has nailed self in!.

To begin –

The lesson is to see the situation just as a box - a box constructed of/by your own making!

what happens when one side of the box is removed?  is the box sturdy, or shaking with instability?  would it still be a box?

This analogy is presented to thee to “see”, that when one side/parameter is removed, that precept, the box - is no longer - rendering instability.  Instability always comes when the sum total is no longer.  It is a test to see if one can be stronger, and divest self of the shaky construction - to "look" and see if there is a different way in which you may construct another precept  - maybe, other than a box – that better fits.  (This image also represented evolution, which I felt sure, would be broached at a later date – given that the image was transmitted to me!)

instability is a blessing, for when a ship is listing a decision has to be made.  Does one try to save the severely holed ship and slip under the water with it, or does one bail out to live another day and learn what that lesson was all about?  It is for one to choose if one stays on a sinking ship and realise - in the blinking of an eye - at the time of passing, (death) what those circumstances were really asking you what you needed to do to pursue a more fulfilling life!

The prime function of a box is to contain - with stability.  The prime function of a ship is to stay afloat.  If either is unable to “perform” their prime functions – they cease to “be” as they were intended!  They may appear as the box or – the ship - however they are of no “value” as they were originally intended! 

Now, we honour you for whatever choices you do make, for it is the journey that is honoured.  without the journey there could be no conclusion, even though it may appear to have ended in confusion.  Confusion? - Confusion to whom?  Confusion is only the tune played to delay a decision!

We ask you to hypothesise about the precision of timing that always occurs when you look upon past circumstances.  Hindsight may just allow you to see your plight being a great catalyst for change.  Change that you arranged by your decision.

You may think it strange that you arranged some events that did prevent you from what you wished to achieve.   Now - you consider you may have deceived yourself into believing that it was what you wanted.  you may have wanted it, (for the work to be completed the way I originally wanted) but you may not have truly needed it!!!  Things aren’t always as they seem.  That which you wanted and didn't receive, did you really need?  Were you able to exist without it?

Of course you did exist, and if you look, the list is endless, of things you wanted and didn’t receive.  So, can you believe/know now - that they may have been things that weren’t appropriate at the time?!

So what will you do with the shaky box, the sinking ship, the wants?  Do you want - still to remain the same - or do you feel the need to proceed along a different path and maybe - just maybe - see/experience your task easier.  

We ask you to consider – old precepts? - OR will you step through your fear and accept the new precepts? - of that which now is dear to you – a concept which will imbue much Love, self respect and worthiness of self.  Or - will you elect to be as you used to be - trapped in a shaky box, a sinking ship, due to your wants and not your needs.  how - now – do you wish to be?

Heed these words.  Proceed with Love and Grace to face your future and it will be all that it need be. 

We honour thee all.

Archangel Michael.


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