Desperate Cries Of Humanity

April/May 2001

For most -
  Truth is an issue rather not faced.

To place oneself on the line
  and define the truth of a matter
  shatters the illusion.

What is the reason to be keeping truth hidden -
  seeking elsewhere
  forbidden fruit of confusion?

Disillusioned, onward we march
  parched throats speaking untruth -
  spoken since our youth and beyond.

Truth then, meant we were in trouble -
  The bubble burst - and we were hurt.
Not by another, but by self!

‘Tis a sad day when truth
  no longer plays a part in our life.

And - yet, we find we are still in strife
  in some way!

Better to be truthful,
  Frank -
  Guilty no longer –

Ourself we can thank.


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Simply Love  -  Rae Chapple