Too Wit -- Too Woo Philosophy

Channelled for Metatron by Rae Chapple

Too wit -- Too woo is not entirely up to you!  It is indeed a part of the synergy between you and me.

Where would you be if your thinking held you "spelled"?  Where would you be if your mind were unable to find its natural state of Wisdom?  Where would you be, if we were not in communication?  Where would you be, if synchronicity had you in another city to where you are now?  You would be there - unaware of where you are now, as you are now unaware of how you would be - relating to prophesy of the previous questions!

You, can only be - in your concept of current physicality - where you are now - right now - right this very moment!

To lament possibility of any other ways, displays lack of understanding - lack of understanding of where you now be.

You see - it is all of the mind, which creates the "bind" of philosophy.

To philosophise of the "how's" - "when" - "where" and "why's" is really a matter of conjecture.  The picture is, as it is currently displayed - every moment.  Philosophy never really creates anything - only the action creates!

To philosophise constantly can lead to distraction, inaction, reaction to another philosophical point, or attraction to a philosophical point.  Lack of action whilst one philosphises, is a hiatus of time - a hiatus of action - a standing still!

Many eyes close/d in death - bereft of life - whilst others sit, Too Wit -- Too Woo and philosophise, on the "how's" - "when" - "where" - and "why's" of peace.

Release the philosophical jargon.  Release the "how's" - "when" - "where" and "why's".  Open eyes whilst there's still life  - and take action!

Lay down the arms of the arms race.  Those arms you face, may be those of your own making!!!

How will you philosophise, as you look into the eyes of the one you gave the arms/gun to???  Look into the books of history.  Many, many risky "trades" have been made that are now aimed at thee.  You see - it all "returns" to you in the end!  Those who once were friend - now foe - and on, and on, it goes

When is it you will learn and discern - with wisdom - of lessons past?  You chart the annals of history!

Philosophise as much as you might - the fight still goes on!  It goes on, and on, and on - a forlorn existence for every single man woman and child - for you have forgotten how to smile in friendship!

Philosophise as you will - the ills of societies can never be stilled if you choose to continue to "kill"/ kill one another - even though you be brothers!

Philosphise at great length - does not give you the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength, to lay down every single arm - cease every production - close every "construction" of separation and hate!

Philosophise as you might - does it ease the fear? -  fears built up over years and years of separation and hate, that another man may walk through your front grate - and take!!!

Philosophise at will - you still are ill - blood still spills!  The only action is destruction, or intent of destroying another - your brother - before he comes and destroys you!

And - what will you do, and where will you go to philosophise - when there is only you!

Philosophise as much as you want - it will solve nothing - for ultimately there will be - No Thing!

Let the hollow ring of philosophy sound in your ears, as you sit in entropy, reflecting upon years and years of waste - hate - fear of someone walking in Your front gate!

What a mistake it would be - if he - that walked through - were to offer total peace to you!  What a mistake is would be - if he were friend!  But then, was it?  Maybe you were undeserving of such a friend.  So, really to you - it doesn't matter you shot him/run him, through and through. 

You can then continue to sit, and philosophise - the last one - until you too, close your eyes - in death.

Too Wit -- Too woo.  What will you do?


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