The Time Span of Biological Man  - 
and Vitamin “C”

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron,
18th March 1999.

Dear Heart,

Pick up the pen so we may begin to communicate again.  It has been some time.  Let my will be thine and thine mine.

We wish to say that forever and a day the eternal is the way to all truth and knowledge.  The Eternal Knowing is always showing the way for mankind to find his rightful inheritance. 

Perchance it has slipped your mind – the inheritance mankind wishes to find – seeks to find – is his divinity!

Dear Heart and Dear Ones – it is within thee!!! -it is not outside.  It is not some other place – it stares you in the face each time you look upon your image.  The image you view is the lineage of you, to your Eternal – your Creator – you!

Your dna shows you the way – from your parentage.  It is the karmic coding and genetic coding which can hold foreboding.  It can also hold the “opposing” concepts to the foreboding patterning.  “Locked” to the dna is the encodement of free choice as to how you “voice” your dna encodement.  “hidden” within the dna is the “time delay” concept relating to your biological clock.  We have spoken before of two new enzymes.  These enzymes are related to time – the time span of biological man.

there is also a “trigger”, a “key” relating to Vitamin C - of this we have also spoken.  The “trigger” the “key” relating to the integration of Vitamin C – the manufacture of vitamin c - by your own  biology - requires a “surfactant”.  This “surfactant” is contained within the thymus.  When released, this “surfactant” integrates with the other two enzymes allowing your biology to remind itself of how to manufacture Vitamin C - which in turn - will allow your biology to relearn how to fully assimilate Vitamin C fully into every cell of your biology.  connective tissue is then “easily” repaired and you will be spared an early demise!  (supplementing our intake of Vitamin C apart from foods we eat is a help)

Other essential elements excreted by the pineal will give rise to a new awareness by your researchers.  They will realise that degenerative diseases of the nervous system are directly affected by these chemical elements’ release.  When trauma is experienced (physical mental emotional) there is a disruption to the flow of these chemicals.  The body “bleeds” them, which leads to the degenerative disorders. 

These chemicals, working in simpatico with vitamin c and the two enzymes are the key to longevity.  Man’s dna will be radically changed to what is now viewed.  The first change seen will be as you screen the blood. (picture given which looked like organic “crystals” in the blood then crystalline structures in the brain will be seen)  This change is directly related to the reactivation of the thymus.  It is the key and will become again, an area of greatest research of the immune system.  It is however, not free standing in its role. 

the thymus is directly related to the heart.  Why do you think it is not in another part of the body?!!!  Look at its location in relation to the heart, pineal, thalamus, hypothalamus etc.  See what you may find as you draw the line from one to the other.  It (thymus) holds its centre of balance unlike the offset of the heart.  the thymus is the  “true”/ spiritual heart centre – the heart, is the biological centre.  It has not always been thus – separate. 

The “separation” of Man began the separation of the heart-thymus.  Begin to “see” the realignment of the heart-thymus and you will begin to “see” all of which we have spoken this day.  Pay attention to your thoughts, for “things are not always as they seem, or are seen!!!” – only as you choose to see them!!!

We enthuse for you, for all you choose to be and do.  We Love and honour you and your journeys.

I be your beloved Metatron.


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