The Table of Reconciliation

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron
5th June 1998

Dear Heart and Blessed Ones,

I am Metatron and I come to address issues of reconciliation – Mankind’s salvation!!!

There are some occasions when it seems all is in vain.  some people/organisations countries, complain that they seem not to be “on the right track”, due to another person's/organisation's/country's actions.

It is for these ones to look back and see from whence they came.  To blame another for their present discourse is of course ludicrous.  There is no “real” blame, even though they wish to shame another.  It is for these ones to come to the realisation - that they prefer to allocate blame, instead of “owning” the situation which faces them – which places them in conflict.  That they too - if they were true to themselves - took a part – played a part!!! 

conflicts are unable to start if one does not take the part of the aggressor or the victim.  It is for all of these people etc. to be truthful and “name” the position from which they played out the situation, and learn what it was all about – gain wisdom and cease the division.

There are those who choose to flout their perceived superiority - and in this - they deceive themselves into thinking they have the superior stance.  Such dalliance with superior thoughts are fraught with danger.  it produces anger on the part of the other  - and rather than attempting to rationalise - they fall into the trap with closed eyes, and so begins the conflict!  Before long, both sides realise they are enmeshed in the thick of a dispute - in which neither finds it easy, or wishes to seek out the root cause. 

universal laws of love have been shoved under the carpet on which the table of reconciliation sits! 

Unless the root cause is flushed out, the table is of no use! 

Abuse follows abuse, and as a consequence there seems unlikely recompense for knowing the truth.  each blaming the other – naming the other as wrong - when all along, all it takes - is for each to make the supreme sacrifice and begin to be conciliatorily open minded, and be nice to each other.  If this be the case - in a trice - the resolution to the conflict is found. 

Thence the ground on which they - and the reconciliation table - are standing, becomes the ever expanding hallowed ground of peace!  And beneath the carpet - the root cause by which Universal Laws were broken - is seen and both parties awoken to the part they played.  Many a life and situation would be saved if this could occur, instead of the allure of ego's superiority. 

the majority of humanity – at this time – find it hard to offer the hand of loving peaceful reconciliation and co-existence and be kind to each other. 

We ask that this be understood and should each individual, organisation, country, have the will to instill the love of the peaceful creator of/in the heart - no longer would mankind be apart from himself - but would gain the wealth of wisdom to see the vision of his eternal spirit. 

there is no limit to what wonderful and good things would come – could be done - if mankind allowed  - to come, from this realisation.

Ask for the integration of the Love of Spirit into your hearts and become a part of the Greater Whole.

We extol the vision of Love, for it is the precision of all things.



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