Spirit Is Everywhere

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Spirit

5th April 2000

Beautiful Ones,

Let us begin.  His Greatness has spoken - awoken you from your dreams.  Reams and reams of history will expose the glory.  Reams and reams will reveal the true story.  It seems you are all wishing to know to whom you speak.  Its seems you are all wishing to know of those things you seek each day for clarity.  It seems you are all wishing to know how someone can show you the way.  Know them!  Know them! - and know - as you think, so you will sow!  Thinking - thinking is the very thing, which keeps you sinking into fear - keeps you locked - not knowing we - and you - are near.  Again you wish to know who is speaking.  Beautiful Ones - open your heart and we will help you, show the truth.

What is the truth?  What is the truth?  It is indeed Spirit who does speak to you through one Entity or another.  It is You who speaks to you! - (pause) -  Does this bother you?  Does this cause a stir?  Are you aware of the allure?

Spirit is everywhere - willing to share - willingly allowing every course.  - (pause) -    Spirit is you and everything you do.  Spirit is the sun and the trees - even the cold as you sneeze.  Spirit is boundless - unless - you place the bounds.  And Spirit is even that - as you become the dust of the ground.  There is not one place - one space - that Spirit cannot be found.  Not one thought that is not caught up in Spirit.  Spirit has no limit - is limitless - and yet, if limited - is that too!  Do you begin to see who You and He/She/We be? 

Spirit is eternity - as You are too, even in your own death that you view - as the end.  When will you realise the fact - as you spend time in your search - Spirit is just that!  Be that you and Spirit are one and the same - there is no shame in anything that you do - for Spirit is still just as much a part of you. 

Take heart Beautiful Ones - when you come to the full realisation that you are indeed an aspect of Spirit you will know jubilation. 

Spirit has no rules - and yet does - because you refuse the dove of peace.  The refusal is Spirit - complimenting the dual aspect for this existence.  Spirit is resistance to a better way - the truth - for Spirit exists everywhere - in your youth - and any untruth.  Proof?  In your untruth, in your resistance, do you still exist?  Yes! - (pause) - Even though you battle with raised fist!  You could not exist, in untruth, if You were not of Spirit - and Spirit that untruth too!

You woo people to you - to your way - but pay little attention that others do exist apart from your way.  You say that your way is the only way - however, because the others exist - their way is your way too - and yours theirs!  Spirit is in compare - be aware of this.  Spirit is in greed and the bad deed.  Spirit is in hate and the fate of that hate!  Spirit is in everything!  Spirit is in Essence and the pureness of Love.  Spirit is in all those emotions allowing the rising - to Love.  Spirit is below - as far down as you may choose to go - as you sow seeds of abuse and disrespect, neglect and pain. Spirit is all of these things.

There is inability for you to see that We - meaning You and Me - are one and the same.  We know each other by different name - but that does not alter the fact that We exist “ back to back.”

Beautiful One  -   Turn around - you walk on hallowed ground!



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