Sound Resounds Upon The Winds Of Time

Channelled for Metatron, The Great One, Lord Michael
By Rae Chapple

31st May 2000

Most Blessed, Precious Ones,

I come with Love.  I Am Metatron, The Great One, Lord Michael. 

How does all go this day?  How does the play of your life appear?  Are you near to your heart truth?

So much has transpired, which we know does tire you.  So many decisions, which bring about a precision of consequences.  There are indeed so many things waiting in the wings of your play which you may discover this day.  So much potential to assist in the exponential curve of learning  - of matters about which your hearts are yearning, and your mind, possibly spurning.

Be kind, - (pause) - be kind to self - we remind you of this.  Be kind, and take the time to reflect on past events with an open heart.  This is how you may start to recognise, that which you have until now, maybe not realised.  Allow the base of Love to be your only concept as you face other realities - allowing you to see what may have placed thee in your current situation.  Love will be your salvation.

So we begin.

We have spoken before about sound - now for the fourth time round!  We have spoken before of sound and light being the same - perceived in your physical reality by different senses, measured by different implements, known by different names - these senses presenting different experiences.  The sight of a Loved One gladdens the eye, the sound of words, ringing with truth in the ears, creates understanding.  Yes?   Then again - maybe what you see and hear on other occasions is not of your liking!  - (pause) - Years and years of experiences, patterning, allowing light/sight and sound/hearing, to have profound effect upon your emotions, thoughts, words and actions?

The eyes and ears are the two senses which most of you have cultivated, and mainly depend upon - and the senses upon which you base your perception, disposition and current reality.  What you see and what you hear externally, create emotions internally, which dictate your actions from the thought processes relating to the emotions.  Is what you see - and hear - truth?  Is it Love?  Is it fear of some sort?

Light and sound as you know/perceive of them, are electromagnetic. ‘They” are energy.  “They” are living.  “They” are the energy matrix of the non physical/physical in your realm – some of you call it the “lattice”.   And now we offer to Thee, an insight, which may allow you to realise some aspects of your current plight within your personal lives, and the world at large -  also which is viewed by Others. (Guides, Angels etc)

There are indeed clues as to how this effects each one of you and what you have been through.  We suggest you Simply Love yourself enough to consider other possibilities, to seek, to peek under the covers - for things aren't always as they seem!  Glean an understanding of the expanding role in which you all have created your current plays, and see this day dripping with immense potential.

We say this to you.  You are family - and within family there are "sub families".  View this as you would a family tree.  All of you who are currently involved in any way with activation of the human lattice/energy matrix - or have received facilitation - are of one "denomination".  Though you may be physically in varied nations - you are family.  Those who are/have been at the forefront of creating awareness of this activation, are very close indeed!  All of you have come into this life, with a contract - to connect again - and become aware - all to share in the process - no one being "spared" within the process.

We progress.  (Metatron now refers to “Sound” – being light/sound “combined”)

“Sound” - light/sound - has been/is the instigator, the perpetrator - of what you are all Now viewing.  (all physical aspects, situations, thoughts, emotions of everything/everyone)    We have also spoken of the Now.  Now has been awoken from its slumber and a number of you are enmeshed within that Now Time. 

“Sound” – light/sound is Time!

“Sound” was/is/will be sought, to compliment/create, physical manifestation, and even before its physical manifestation in your realm, was a Thought/”Sound” of Spirit , which became caught in the ethers. 

You all create “Sound” too, by your thoughts, your words and your deeds! And - Emotion amplifies “Sound”!

Liken it to the “Sound” of the strummed guitar strings, the violin, vibrating/resonating, which can/does bring greater awareness/remembrance - not necessarily on a conscious note!  The other clue we give to you is to Remember to Forgive.  Simply Love - being in such a condition/position - will reveal this to you!

Those of the family "directly" involved with the energy matrix/lattice - With what/how do you think/consider you create your play, how you work - apart from what is known as thought - emotions and action? 

Electromagnetics! You work with  -----   Sound”!

Everything is electromagnetic!  “Everything” is electromagnetic, as humans choose to call it - electromagnetics is energy - Love energy.  And - even fear energy!  The Electromagnetics for instance - of the modality activating the  “Lattice”, as some call it – really is “Sound”!  As are all modalities  -  impacting, resonating, reminding, rewinding. 

Do you “Sound”/practice Love in everything you think say and do?  Do you “Sound”/practise fear?

Are you now ready to view the larger picture of Now, and how you may be able to contribute to a very great step in the evolution of your modalities and expansion of human consciousness - unencumbered by the past?  Are you - at last - able to face the truth of the parts/roles you so willingly created for yourselves, acknowledge and own them, allowing for Forgiveness, gaining Loving wisdom - and thence the state of Grace?  Truth Reigns Supreme - Love is truth - another clue!  It is now up to you.

Seek out your heart truth in the matter.  How do you “Sound” as you go about each day? Listen.  Listen to your heart truth, your “Sound”.  Listen to it and feel it. Allow the Love of heart truth to shatter illusion and confusion.  You are all greatly Loved and honoured for the roles you play.  This day, this night, may just be the crowning glory in the play of your life!!!   Let history be "rewritten"!!!

Be as We – Love/”Sound” Unconditionally!

Though We be as Three -

We are as One - From the Great Central Sun. 


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Simply Love  -  Rae Chapple