Sound Reverberates – Sound Compounds

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron and The Great One
12th March 1998.

All rejoice with one voice!!!

We are Metatron and The Great One from The Great Central Sun.

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings,

We have been seeking you out for we wish to enthuse about that which abounds, creates profound insight.  Sound, Sound,  Sound, that delights.  sound that can be out of sight, but not out of mind/ear  For in the mind, sound does align all thought.  Naught can be spoken without sound.  Sound has shaken, partaken of the Earth since its inception, its birth. 

Place your ear to the ground.  sound reverberates.  Can you hear it?  Does it appear to you to be in harmony, or does it alarmingly seem out of tune?  Does the perfume of the ground resonate in harmony of the ground's sound?

Some of you have the physical ear that can hear much that resounds within the ground and around.  And others uses devices to listen to the sound, for indeed, they are not entirely in tune with that which is around them.

The reason why we expound, at this time, of "sound" is because your ground is shaking, quaking at its dilemma.  Look at the recent weather around your globe.  It is a manifestation of without.  It is a mirror also of what abounds within the ground.  profound disturbance!!!  As within so without.  As above, so below.  You, ---- many of you, know how this goes.

The reflection that you can physically see/feel in sun and storm, is also beneath thee.  It is there to reflect to thee the scorn you place within your ground and atmosphere, instead of harmony.  Those experiments, you may later lament as being a fateful mistake. 

We make no judgement of this.  ‘Tis the way some of you feel you must play out your role.  Those who extol that it is in the name of peace, need to truly release the fear that leers in their face.

To place mankind in such a bind of fear, carries much karma.  And you may read, believe if you wish, but more appropriately that you know - if such a course you continue to follow, you will sow the seeds of disquiet that for generations you must reap.

scala/haarp are not toys for the “boys” to play at possible war to shore up their defenses.  The forces behind those kinds of experiments have far greater consequences that you can ever imagine.  What is being done (experiments) can be likened as an infinitesimal prick of the sun!

We ask you to come to the understanding that you have no idea how this energy with which you "play" can be ever expanding, in ways that you have no instruments to measure.  So limit such experiment to a very small scale.  Desist with the experiments in your ground and atmosphere, else much further profound consequences will be felt.

the geological "belts" of your earth have been “stretched" by these experiments.  they have rent tears, both above and below.    Slow, slow, slow!

Realise that the experiments in the ground , the "sound" also resonates not only around the earth, but also in the atmosphere.  And those in the atmosphere likewise.  It compounds.  "sound “compounds”.  The shattering of the ground the shattering of the atmosphere.  Can we be any more clear?

The profound explosion of sound that has been orchestrated during the past fifty years, abounds with much discordant note.  You think you have been smote with travesty and devastation with disease, famine, flood, throughout you history.  You have seen nothing yet!!!  Many have their feet wet around your Earth at this time???  (and it will continue with greater devastation)

Heed our advice if you prefer not to pay the price of hapless vision.

Dispel the division of your science and religion:  Dispel the division of your military and peoples.  Meet on common ground with love, not fear.  Lessen your sounds of rancor and war.

“Shore up” your Earth and atmosphere.  Allow love and reason to replace treason of life.  Operate with love in your hearts.  

Start with all factional military forces laying arms to the ground, for She your Earth, wishes to hear the sound of peace.  Release the fears in your hearts.  Make a new start.  Wipe the slate clean and glean wisdom from past experiences.

religious sectors.  You are no longer the protectors, the custodians.  you are the provider only of hope that mankind is able to cope with his new role.

scientists.  learn to extol science within the parameters of spiritual law.  Then you may be sure you are on the right track and within your new found wisdom, infinite knowledge will be handed to you.

peoples of the earth.  Overcome the dearth of love in your hearts.  rise above all anger, hate and distraction.  See the reaction when you offer love and understanding.  What a prize you have in your hands!

governments of earth.  remember - it is only by the peoples’ command that you are there at all.  Will you serve well or fall from grace?  You all have to face the people at some time.  The truth will always prevail in the end, no matter how much you try to bend the rules.  You know the saying "you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time"!  (saw many uprisings by people against corrupt regimes – also those regimes’ very brutal retaliation in an attempt to keep control)

So, can you see that if you all choose to live, work and play in harmony, how beautiful a place your Earth would be?!!!  How your atmosphere and ground will be able to resonate also in harmonious sound, responding to joy and peace instead of the ceaseless assault upon their being.

Realise you are all seeing and experiencing in the shaking of the ground, the flooding, the breaking down of the protective ionosphere, the very shaking of fear, the crying and lamenting, the diseases within your very selves.  Heal your broken hearts, no longer to be apart from another - apart from the Earth which gives rise and nourishes your biology - and the air and water, those other essential elements for your existence.

So resound with joy.  Employ all within your being and live in peace.  Cease the experiments until you have found and healed your broken hearts.  No longer to be apart from the Earth, but be  a part of it.  See how this all fits.  Sound the words of  freedom and hope and see the scope of your loving cherished dreams come true.  Orchestrate from woman to man.  Hand the expanding generations a legacy of harmony, peace and grace laced with love, as you begin to interface with your infinite selves.

(delivered with the most lovingly soft "whispers")

It all starts with you, within you.  Are you ready to begin?  To begin to resonate with peace and love within you own heart. This is where it is to start.  Within each and every heart.

Voice these sounds of love, see how it reflects and then detect the neglect of eons.  See how the sound of love and peace protects and soothes all the neglect. 

We enthuse.  All become as one within loving bountiful sound.

We are Metatron and The Great One from The Great Central Sun.


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