Perceptions of the Solid Wall

Channelled by Rae Chapple for The Great One and Metatron
14th July 1998

Greetings and Solicitations,

This is indeed a difficult time for many.  Before we proceed, allow us to align your energies.  This alignment adds to the refinement of understanding as we – and you - are expanding your knowledge. 

We pay homage to you, for all that you do, creates a greater awareness and a greater preparedness to be accepting of far different concepts.  These concepts have not been in the consciousness of the masses.  Perhaps, some of these concepts will be a little hard to grasp.  All we ask is for you to listen and pass it by your discretionary detectors. 

There will be defectors, who of course, will choose not to go with this flow of thought and they are greatly honoured.    Naught is lost, for they have equally, a very valuable role, and that is to hold the current line of thought.  It is as if they will be the bridge, across which others can flow, for they “know” of the concepts, even though they do not go along with them.  So, remember, when these ones choose not to enthuse the same as you, honour them.

Now - these concepts have a far different note than we have quoted before.  They are all to do with Universal Law.  The concept - with which we first wish to deal - has until this time, been concealed.  It will soon be revealed that a vast cavern/chamber has been discovered.  This cavern/chamber has been covered by the Sphinx, and leading from it are "passages" leading to Giza.  What needs to be borne in mind, is a different kind did emulate the dates at that time. 

We have said before that sound is the decipher.  Within these caverns/chambers there are artifacts that appear to go hand in hand from other lands, which will cause a great deal of conjecture as to how they came to be in that place.  You will be faced with a problem.  Either, you accept the artifacts discovered as being a part of that place - or, the truth which stares you in the face - that they came from a different place.  If the latter be the case - your acceptance they originated elsewhere - all which has previously been declared as truth will need to come under scrutiny.  Then the question is asked, "how did these artifacts get there?"  By the annals of your history, you are aware of certain events, which prevents you from understanding,  because you are unable to see how we see, and how we be. 

to understand and expand knowledge, one needs to begin to understand how energy works "outside” of your perception.  Your scientists are aware of morphogenic resonance.  However what they are not aware of is the "change" of the time factor outside your paradigm. 

time is relative, relative to how all around is viewed.  The way you view time, is skewed, but by your perceptions, constant.  Now – humanity’s morphogenic resonance “skews” time.   Within your "known" universe and beyond, you view time/space/mass from your morphogenic resonance in a monocular way. (Also we view from our “place” in space.   The view is far different from another area, another angle)  This morphogenic resonance is a “protective factor".  It has a consistency and extremity like a balloon.  When light emanations from other realms/areas "hit" this resonance "skin", only certain aspects are let in - however, in this process - the light is “bent", which prevents the recipient from fully knowing what this light is “really” showing to them.  Within the constraints of the morphogenic resonance, light emanations are seen as you "know" it.

Recently, you have seen certain gamma emanations appearing to come from deep within space, but the red factor places the current theory of light and time, not in line with the current thought of their origins.  These emanations that you see –have not been “bent”, for they have the capacity to "slice" through the morphogenic resonance protective shield.  It will be revealed - these emanations are indeed from a huge power source - which has been concealed by the morphogenic resonance and your own sun. 

The area from which these emanations come, are from the great central sun, from whence all "life", as you know it, emanates.   Other information will be further exposed by those already in the know -but who have for their own, and political reasons - kept certain information, under lock and key.  They know who we are referring to.  This could be viewed as treason against humanity - however, understand they will need to answer to their own karmic/genetic evolution for the hand they have played.  It is their choice.

be that light/time is "bent" all theories like relativity, motion mass etc. may need to be "revised" before the eyes of man can truly begin to understand Universal Law of energy.  If time/ light is "bent" maybe all the current learning spent on distance and mass, need be reviewed.  If this be the case, where do you think that would place the current concepts on those artifacts (in the chamber) and how they got there? 

you all swear that a wall is solid, but your scientists are already aware that matter is only "particles"/energy resonating at certain vibrations, "independent” of one another, creating mass because of their "attractiveness" to the other.  And still these learned persons do not bother to consult - or chose to vault over their fears - even though these concepts appear within their current viewing. 

these learned persons - even though they are viewing such things - personally are unable to bring themselves to accept anything other than the solid wall!  They fall into the same trap time and time again - when they apply their personal limited acceptance - to what they see as the happenstance in space/matter.  The space race will never be "won", if these learned ones are unable to come to the acceptance of different concepts. 

What they are experiencing is their own "bumping into" the other side of the morphogenic resonance shield.  ( On our/their side of the morphogenic “skin”, limited by their own inability to step outside of current accepted theories)  nothing will be further revealed, unless they are able to accept that the wall is not solid.  Their minds will not allow them to work outside of the paradigms in which they limit themselves personally!

This limiting factor is constricting the energy flow of knowledge.  To alleviate further foraging around in the dark, we ask these words be taken note of.  "things aren’t always as they seem!"  There are reams of such instances. 

To enhance a greater understanding, these learned ones may wish to take the time and find a quiet spot and ask "what have we got to do, to know, to pursue this greater understanding" (meditate) and we will be with you.  You see, the scientific community needs to get in touch with their own spirituality and then we will be able to offer further assistance to help them overcome their personal resistance to the notion of that non-solid wall!  We all applaud you for the work you do. 

We are The Great One and Metatron from The Great Central Sun.


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