Separation in the Gender Stakes

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron
28th July 1999

Dear Heart & Dear Ones,

I Am Metatron.

We are now all a part of you.  The Cosmic Lattice allows you to access anything you wish to – the one prerequisite, is pure intent of Love.  You are unable to “visit” unless this is on you agenda. 

And – (pause) - Gender is something about we wish to speak.  Gender being the female/male aspect of your physicalness. 

gender assails you on every front!  It not only prevails behind closed bedroom doors – but also within the media, religious and community laws.   There is separation – division – derision – subjugation - every nation, every family, every person feels it – you reel from it.

The Christian religious story of Adam and Eve, how Jesus was conceived, all leads to separation – separation between woman and man which expands to every nation.  Often religions, societies and religious/common law, shore up gender separation.  This is an act of “depowering” the individual - and is in all appropriateness. This separation is a major component of you duality.  And it begins within each and every one of you.

Do you know that the very essence of your dna points the way to how you manifest your gender in the physical?  And, do you know at the time of your conception, “you” exhibit both genders – the male/female aspect of you?  And do you know it is a reasonable time after conception before the physical gender is defined?

Now – here’s the bottom line.  each and every one of you laments the gender you “gave away” – grew away from. Each and every one of you feels only half not whole!  We see some of you reel from this statement.

Some show latent, or display sexual desire for their own gender, others feel blatant threat from the opposite/both/same gender and others partner with the opposite gender.  But within that, all at times, can feel half – not whole.  This is separation of the most poignant kind!  Often a person disregarding their own physicalness, their own needs, in an attempt to please their partner – the part they unconsciously feel is missing. (Each one of us, before we are born, contracted to manifest as a particular gender.  Within the human dna is the potential for both.  It is our contracted selection, which renders us to “give away” the other aspect of ourselves in the physical).

Now – Many of you may be insisting – “This is not true”, and Dear Ones, we honour you – we Love you for such a thought.  However, this separation at the time of gestation – into your ‘selected” gender – sends many on a lifetime “bender” of sorts, attempting to find that part of them which is “missing”.  -   Still we hear some of you insisting that “It can’t be!”

We ask – Consider the roles you are often playing – Women requiring equality?  Men, feeling despair in that they are often unable to share in the nurturing role? Both often feeling “stuck” in their current role.  (I received an image of both genders using force/control - physically, emotionally, mentally, verbally  - toward themselves or at others - in an attempt to control)

What is woman and man really seeking?  Is there not only a feeling of “something more”, coupled with a feeling of not knowing any longer what your role is in the gender stakes?  are the attempts at role reversal, for instance, what makes you feel confused because you know, no longer, what you wish to do, who you are?  Are you all wanting to do, and be both things – being a provider/nurturer too, wanting to know both parts of you? 

Which brings me to this point –

This confusion is part of the separation.  There is recognition that things aren’t feeling “right”.  This is an awakening to the feeling of separation and causes many fights between partners.  Both denying they may be “lying” to their partner, but most of all – lying to themselves!  The truth of the matter is, that due to the roles being no longer clearly defined as before, many feel they need to follow the “trend” of society’s current “wishes” and so they bend from their own truth – that which they wish to be and do.

to mend this dilemma is really very simple, but can be perceived to be very hard.  It is to consider yourself as a friend to you, and follow what is your heart truth .

Admit to, and acknowledge, your heart truth, even though it may not fit in with what other people say, should be the way (or society).  Then – be a friend to your partner and admit to your partner – your heart truth, knowing this could be that person’s opportunity to see their truth. 

Be that both of you are now aware of each others truth, despair can be replaced by understanding and compassion as you face how each other may benefit from the revelation.  Relations will ease as you begin to work through what has caused you to be untruthful to you.

Now – We ask you to refrain from sneezing at this concept – allow yourself to be open.  As you begin speaking your truth to yourself, ask how you may be able to “win back” your “other side” – the side that was lost to you as your physical gender was applied.  (during gestation)  Get in touch with that aspect of yourself – give yourself permission to learn – learn to no longer treat either part of your masculine/feminine aspects with derision. 

end the separation between the genders! your genders - become the “defender”, as it were, of both sides!  Apply wisdom, compassion and understanding to the demanding roles you play. For in this way you will begin to see the demanding role of everyone’s futility.  Use the utility of Love to bless each gender and mend your broken hearts. – never again to be apart from self  -  never to be in separation of self, gaining the wealth of wisdom as to how all division came about.

Shout it from the tallest tree, the highest hill, that truly, truly you may be whole in your physicality!

you all were made from both woman and man and were whole when you first began!

The dilemma you experience relating to your gender roles, is the latent desire that you be whole.  it is also a latent desire to be a part of the greater whole again!

Wear both genders proudly on your sleeve.  Deceive yourself no longer – you will be relieved and stronger for it.

Maybe this concept will fit, maybe not – but it will not hurt you to think a little on it!

Your beloved Metatron.


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