Schizophrenia - The Reason?

Further Revelations To Prompt Greater Awareness

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron

16th February 2000

Greetings, Greetings Blessed Ones – It is indeed good to be meeting with you this day.

Pray to open the way – to open the mind – to enable you to find greater awareness.

We are The Great One, Metatron and Lord Michael.

We come as a trilogy – the energy of the three – to create synergy and synchronicity.

We come to “unbalance” – as it were – to create balance!

Perchance you are left wondering “Why unbalance?” – allow us to explain.

When the next step needs to be taken – one foot needs to leave the floor.  Yes?  There is a period of unsureness at this point – a point of “unbalance” - before the raised foot is placed down again and balance once again is restored/achieved. – Yes?   -   (pause)   -   And so it is - with steps of awareness and periods of time before, or during a “discovery”.  What you all thought was fine – what was the accepted line – now appears to be shakey.  There is a period of unbalance as the “old” makes way for the “new” – the next step.  This is evolution of the mind – which finds its way into physical display – into new practices – new acceptances. 

Here we are going to ask you to stretch your mind – to allow yourself to become “unbalanced”  - so balance may be found.  You may feel you are on shakey ground for a time, however “know” all will settle down and great wisdom, insight and new practices abound!

As a trilogy – we present this information to thee – with the point facing down.  See this information as a triangle/pyramid – unbalanced on its point – (pause) – until it tips, either way.  Then the display is one of stability again.  However – it is up to you which way you choose the movement to be – back to the old? – Placed on hold? – Or toward the new?  Whatever you do – stability will eventually be achieved!

Let us proceed. –

All that is believed – known – about schizophrenia has shown the malady is becoming more prevalent.  There are many families - and organisations - which lament the increase in cases.  These families and organisations are placed under extreme pressure in their desire to understand how they may expand their awareness to help those who are afflicted.  They feel restricted by the seeming lack of knowledge as to what brings about such a physical situation. 

Many of you feel if you knew what the cause was – you would be able to stem the flow of new cases.  Despair faces many, as more and more present with the symptoms.  All of you who are currently involved in such a dilemma deserve great support, Love and honour – and this we gladly bring to you – for we Love, honour and desire to support you in all you do, if we are allowed.  And this is how we may assist.

 Realise – you will be stronger for the experience, even though it may not seem so at this time.  We ask that you find the courage to consider the following.

Schizophrenics are very, very gifted people!  All of them are -what some refer to - as Indigos.  They have an innate natural ability to "see through" everything!  Many of them would have/could have been regarded as slightly autistic - as a young child – and all would have presented as add, adhs children had they been “assessed”.  Many are in prisons or mental institutions, and many – still – will progress toward dementia or Alzheimer’s if the flow is not addressed.   But - we will address these subjects at a later date.  (Autism, Alzheimer’s etc.)

Energy wise – they have the “eyes” of the oracle, the mystic.  And Blessed Ones – this is the reason they present themselves as “sick” by your “standards”!  Physically too – they are “different”.  And - they “know” what’s “up with you”, even if you don’t know it at the time!!!

Be aware – as you share your expertise – as you attempt to “squeeze” into their mind you will find total inconsistencies to current thinking.  Your fears – conscious and subconscious – are “seen” by them – they “feel” them!  And when you feel anxious – when you feel annoyed – when you feel anger, fear, or uncertainty – they do too!!!  They “pick it up" from you!!!

The gift they present to you – is they are a reflection of you – of society.  What we are saying here, is they reflect the subconscious and conscious feelings of everyone and everything around them.  They have the remarkable ability to really “see” how “things” really are!  They are the barometer of their family and society – so look to them to see what is happening in the “bigger picture”, for they will “tell” you by their words and actions.

These Blessed Ones have consented to come into physical reality “knowing” they would be exposed to great travesty in one form or another.  Their gift is to allow you all to see the rifts in your own life.  This does not mean that they cannot be seen to be responsible for their behaviour – they need to be – however if you are able to see how much family and society also needs to be responsible – the situation of further cases presenting would be saved.

These Blessed Ones are very “connected” not only physically – but also energetically to their family and friends and so they can become the dysfunction of the total!

Being very sensitive people – schizophrenics are easily “influenced” by all untruths.  You may have found they became very agitated when there were “disturbances” of an unharmonious nature within the family.  They are very caring people – initially – wanting everything to be “right”.   And when it’s not – this is where the flight into another reality begins.  They attempt to take the “wrong” away from the other individual by taking it upon themselves. 

You will find most cases of schizophrenia will begin to become “obvious” at around the time of puberty and the majority of cases are boys!  The reason?  - (pause) –

Boys – in western society still – are placed in the position of needing to be brave – keep a stiff upper lip – told not to cry like a girl.  Girls are given latitude in expressing their feelings – and do so often, quite freely – which is the reason girls are mainly “spared” in the need to “share” schizophrenic episodes.  For boys (also girls) emotional suppression causes resentment and the suppressed emotions engender guilt, anger etc.

As a young child – these suppressed emotions will display often as add, adhs – we will speak of these later - and if the environmental situation improves, the suppressed emotion can be released on the sports field etc.

However if environmental situations do not improve and remain those of untruth, anxiety, fear etc. – the young adult has the propensity to “retreat” into schizophrenic episodes. 

As a child there is a certain amount of control exerted by the parent to which the child feels the need to acquiesce to obtain approval and Love, however at the onset of puberty the desire to “break free” becomes a focal point.  This sense of freedom also brings with it great trauma.  Suddenly – from being a child – told what is required – this feeling of freedom has no boundaries.

Scarey?  You bet!  Fearfully terrifying are the words.  Having no boundaries - creates a picture to the individual with a terrifying scenario – suddenly finding the need to “let go” of all the feelings that until now – have been “kept in reasonable check”.  Fear – their’s and others’ – feeds on fear.  It compounds and hounds them.  They need to escape!  They need to get away because they are fearful of what they may do!  They do not wish to hurt anyone – in this reality – because the ramifications would lead to disapproval and conflict.  And so they choose another way,

And this – everyone – is how they do it.  They have a gift – and they use it.  They have a gift to “see” into other realities – yours, their’s too – and this is where they go.  They open the door to the other realities that abound, but - because all they know is one of fear, it is the door that is near to them, the one they recognise (presented by family, friends, society) – and that is what they go to – they open the door to fear and step in!  And so begins the schizophrenic episodes!

If these gifted children are totally “exposed” to love, truth and all that goes along with these concepts, they become very adept at presenting a different scenario.  It would be – one of compassion – one of understanding and one that would enable them to be expanding – in Love and honour – the incredible the gifts given.  They would become the oracles, the mystic. All through their life they have struggled to be accepted, listened to, and Loved.  They are no different from anyone in that respect!

Now – you may all suppose this is “far fetched”.  That is OK, and you are honoured and Loved whichever way you wish to think.  However you may wish to allow yourself to stand on the brink of a new awareness.

Consider –

you already have virtual reality in some of your games?  Yes?  Some

of your training procedures such as for flying aircraft/spaceships - and the military etc. – use simulators?  Yes??  And you use these simulators and virtual reality games to train or outwit an “opponent”, or situation in a game to gain skills?  Yes?  The person with the head set on – during training or in the game - becomes oblivious to the people watching, as he/she swivels around “playing out” the scenario? 

The physical body is seen by the onlookers – however the onlookers are unable to “see” the scenario, viewed by the individual/the player.  To the onlookers the “player’s” physical actions seem completely incongruous.  And – (pause) – the individual playing the game, becomes completely “disconnected” from the onlookers’ reality – apart from his/her body.  The “player’s” emotional and mental aspects completely absorbed by the “game”.

You see – these simulators and virtual reality games are really a small part of the “preparation” for humanity to begin to accept other realities!  Look to the amusement arcades and watch how “real” those games are to the players!!!  It is “serious stuff” to them!  Listen to how they talk.  Watch how they walk, when they surpass the goal another has set on the machine.  They become mean with themselves and others in their games.  They crow “I showed them” - all in the name of fun!!!

Now indeed – it may be far better to “act out” at an amusement arcade, however this is also where other realities are “made”!


We have mentioned this previously that quantum physicists are now indicating the possibility of parallel or superimposed realities!!!  What do you suppose this all may be leading to?  Could it be leading to an opening of awareness, about realities other than this one you are currently taking part in.  If this be the case – that there are other realities – is that where your beautiful children could be?  Their body still “trapped” here in this physical reality, but their mental and emotional, immersed in another reality - of fear.  Yours and theirs?!!!  Are they actually taking part in a “true” but fearful reality – although it appears to you as if they were in a simulator?

This revelation we bring to you, and it has startling and compounding implications – some of which many of you may never experience.

These realities about which your Quantum Physicists speak – do in actual fact – exist!  They are real!

They are an aspect of  “Now Time” and have been created by each and every one of you!  They are all existing at the same time “with” you.  This is a very difficult concept/phenomena to “display” to you – because - all you “know”, is this reality.  Suffice to say – to describe it this way – may allow you to see what your children “see”.

You have a long corridor – and leading off that corridor open many rooms.  The room at the end of the corridor is the one you are currently in – in this reality.  What you cannot see is that each room along the corridor has other “you’s” in their reality.  In each room there can be the same players as the one you are currently in - or there may be other players involved too.  However you – in your various roles within each room - are always present in every situation.  Each room is like a separate play in a theatre.  Each room represents a different emotion. 

Now - imagine – the long corridor containing all the rooms was magically condensed and the whole (corridor & rooms) - only took up the space of the room you are currently in – each room still separate – overlapping.  Your child/client in the room with you – in this reality, is able to “feel” conscious – or subconscious fears – either from you, others, or from them and from the other overlapped rooms– (pause) – Remember this Blessed One has incredible insight and sensitivity – “knowing” of true feelings.  What do you think their reaction would be when you say one thing but actually think/feel another?  - (pause) - Frustration?  Anger even?  You cannot conceal much from these ones – everything is revealed to them in startling clarity.

Rather than express their anger and frustration in this reality you both know – because they love you they often retreat – they retreat into the other room –the other reality – to meet their foe. They open the door into the fear room theatre – and do battle with them – and you – and everyone – and everything else.  Their major foe is themtheir anger – their pain!!!  And so they retreat into that other reality to do battle again and again in an attempt to alleviate their pain and yours.  Their body is “left here” though, in "this" reality.  The only thing that is able to go to that other fearful reality – like the simulator and virtual reality games – is their emotional and mental “bodies”

Their fearful scenario is real – it is real – they have all but “crossed over” to the other side.  The room/reality in which they are immersed is the room/reality of untruth, of fear, of anguish, of hate – yours, theirs - and all that makes up the world of/in conflict. 

At times they are able to seek solace in drugs of various sorts, or medication, to lick their wounds – until they are “drawn back in” to begin the endless battle, because the door to the room has been left ajar by the very gift that they possess/are!  Their immense gifts and talents being their very “undoing”!  Medication can give relief – yes!  However the medication masks the underlying core emotions which created the “problem” in the first place.  Drugs and medication suppress – suppress the emotions.

These Ones have a physical problem – yes!  They have an imbalance of the endocrine system – which in turn creates imbalance in the nervous system.  There are chemical disturbances brought about by over reactive adrenals due to fear – pancreas and the liver function is severely impaired – producing a further “toxic shock” effect. 

Diet is often “overlooked” by the client, medical pratitioner or facilitator on most occasions.  A great deal of “distress” could be relieved if a “boosted” diet was implemented with less emphasis on refined carbohydrates and processed foods.  Green – green will be seen as a benefactor! – And Vitamin C.  More on that later!

Blessed Ones – there is another area where you may begin to assist these children/clients of yours – by attending to your needs and your truths!

Above all else – be totally truthful when dealing with these gifted ones.  They can “see right through you”.  You need to be in your heart truth.  You need to be dealing with them in total love.  If you are not in your own heart truth and if you approach them with anything other than any Love based aspect – be assured they will knowand they will show it to you by their actions!

Also be assured there are no “distractions” which will “fool” them – for over the years – they have become very suspicious and your rhetoric will fall on “deaf ears”.  Sound – "voices" – are something they wish to shut out. (due to being told they are silly, or it is "wrong") This has come about because they have often heard “others” talking to them, often even before they began walking! 

These voices were originally – voices of kindness and loving guidance (Guardian Angels) - but when spoken about to their parents – the adult’s “blindness” to such possibilities began to create fear around the ones, that those little ones, were able to hear – and as a consequence the voices were denied.  These gifted little ones were “tapping” into the realities of their Guides and Angelic realm! 

Within the aspect of Love and truth a child is able to grow toward - and within - a balanced system, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Basically what is “missing” in the case of the schizophrenic, are the love based qualities.  Where “Love” may be displayed  within your physical reality – there are often “strings attached” - and these gifted ones know it!  However, They “respond” positively to unconditional love of heart truth.

As fear replaced unconditional love, these young ones – still endowed with their gifts – began to “tap into” other realities – realities of fear and dread.  All Love had been shed – and as gifted young adults – they took to bed each night – their dread!  And so, their travels on the road to schizophrenia, were sped up.

With luck and hope – some of you may consider the possibility of other realities – that they do exist -and begin the task of integrating new awareness and adopt new practices toward such a recognition.  So the precision of the pyramid will “fall”, finally to become balanced and stable in the new awareness. 

Those who are unable to accept such a possibility (presented above) will also render the pyramid stable in currently accepted theory and practices.  Those who are unsure will have a period of stability until they ascertain how they wish to “see” things.  Whatever this message brings to you in the form of information – we ask – all of you to consider this summation-

Whatever you accept as your reality about this travesty facing so many of your young ones – and some older too – with everything you think, say and do around them – adopt the stance to do so, always with truth and love.  That way – you, and they – will have a chance.

It is now up to you.  Follow through within your heart truth.  The survival of many a youth depends on it!  And for that matter – so does the world at large.

We Love and honour thee - for everything you choose to be.


(Rae’s comment-  Again – synchronicity was operating at its best that day.  Later, whilst checking the channelling for typing errors, I wondered about the reference to diet and green.  That evening - whilst sitting in our chiropractors waiting room for Alan have a check up – a book fell off the table.  Upon picking it up, I noticed it had fallen open to references about stress – read fear – and the effects on the adrenals, liver and pancreas and the reference to green vegetables and salad, among other foods which will help in balancing the body whilst under stress!!!  “The Boys” were standing in front of me with a big grin on their faces. Not having any medical or nutritional training – apart from “knowing” what seems to be appropriate, and being a Mum – ‘cause Mums are meant to know everything! – I realised by their looks that a lot of “investigation” is up to us.  The answers are "there" – always have been – we just have to “recognise” them!


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