Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron

15th February 2000

Blessed Ones,

I come to you with much Love and Honour.  I am Metatron.

There are, Dear Heart and Blessed Ones, a number of subjects about which we will discuss during the next period of “time”.  They will be included in your website under the title –“Matters Medical, Psychological, Physical”.

Dear Heart  - You have been “aware” this subject would be raised – for you did share in the preliminary discussion – particularly during your “sleep state” – which, is where we personally meet and make preparation for the forthcoming information.  (On various occasions, Metatron “gave me” “images” and spoke of the subject matter, prior to this channelling)

the first subject we wish to address is schizophrenia – the “mania” which inflicts many of your kind.

These blessed ones who are "afflicted" with the label "schizohprenic" find themselves in a terrible dilemma.  Also their family and friends are always wondering when “it will happen again”.  The Blessed One involved - is left to “hold” the mantle of fear as each episode draws near to them and engulfs them.  The whole scenario is one of fear and trepidation – one of anger and pain because life will never be the same again. 

The scenario is repeated “behind closed doors” for the family is sure they will be judged, which further emphasises the pain.  The Blessed One is left to feel/experience the “unreal” episodes in isolation aware there is something “wrong” with them – they are “sick” – they are not “sane” and great shame overcomes them.  They are trapped as they map out their existence under the influence of drugs, because without them they are often regarded as “thugs”, because of their actions.

They are further driven to distraction.  Alienated – these Blessed Ones often resort to extremely destructive tendencies which can also bring about their own demise in suicide.

Applied current understanding of Schizophrenia is not able to “see” the gift which “hides” with these Blessed Ones and it is due to - too few understanding that there is not somethingwrong” with these Blessed Ones – there is something “right” with them! 

When the medical fraternity - and the community at large – is able to ‘see’ the remarkable opportunity these blessed ones are presenting to humanity – the label - “wrong”,“sick” -  no longer need be applied!

This label of “wrongness” – thereby implying everyone else is “right” – is the first step toward the destructive/aggressive tendencies so many schizophrenics display.

The first step toward really “getting a handle” on Schizophrenia is to remove the label.  No one wants to be regarded as a “misfit” – that something is “wrong” with him or her!  Would you?

The next step is to be open to any possibility – open to another view than that which is currently held by the medical fraternity – by society.

And it is this –

These Blessed Ones – so called schizophrenics – are actually tapping into other realities, other aspects of themselves.  They are tapping into the fear base aspects of themselves because they are in fear  “here” - in their “original” reality.  The schizophrenic has a “foot on/in either side of the door – maybe more – of “this original” reality and the “other” reality(s).  the door is thereby left “ajar” – “not able to be shut” - for the door is needed to be left open for escape. 

Because the door is “left ajar” there is a “bleed through” from the other reality which is the reason an episode is triggered so easily.  

At times, there is a desire for the door to be firmly "closed", however the Blessed One does not know how to close it.   Because the Blessed One is unable to “take action” to consult their personal feelings and despair “here” - in “this reality” - they use their “natural ability” to open the door to the other reality where they can “act out “ their feelings.  however – because they are “trapped” in the physical plane of existence, only their emotional and mental aspects are able to “pass over” into the other reality.  The physical body remains "here" but the emotional and mental aspects on "the other side", dictate the physical body's behaviour and actions “here/now”.

The “other side”/parallel of the so-called, schizophrenic, is the one who is known as/called the “channeller” the “mystic” who taps into the aspect of wisdom – of Love.  The schizophrenic is a channeller of fear! – their own – and very often – the fear of others around them!  The schizophrenic is a very “sensitive” person to energy – especially other peoples’ – apart from their own.  The schizophrenic “picks up” on fears around them – amplifying these fears in their own behaviour – the reason most often schizophrenics are regarded as paranoid.

Schizophrenics and channellers/mystics are one and the same !!!  one claims fear as their base – the other claims love.  one is discerning – the other is not.  They both share the same name – Human.  The only difference, is their emotion/feelings, dictate the outcome of their reality/actions and general acceptance by family, friends - society etc.

Your quantum physicists are now considering other realities do exist – parallel or superimposed realities.  You had better believe it!  They do!!!  There are vast numbers of realities all “playing out” their various roles  - all in “tandem”/parallel/superimposed one with the other.  An aspect of “Now Time”!   You have heard of “the level playing field?”  -  Ah!!!  -  (pause)  -  but what level???!!!

Now – allow us to show you how you may be able to address the issue of schizophrenia with this new awareness.  However, there needs to be preparedness on your - and the Blessed One’s - part to make a start toward accepting a totally “foreign” concept.

Are you ready?  (Metatron speaks “directly” to the person who experiences the schizophrenic episodes)

Blessed One,

Drop the label.  stop regarding the situation as wrong.  Be strong – courageous and take the next step.

Give up the fight and label the situation as “right”.  Delight at the opportunity toward a new discovery.  Consult the core reason the plight has reared its head.  Instead of “running away”, display courage and Blessed One ask, “What is the emotion/situation(s) I am feeling the need to escape from?”  Be aware it could come from an area you least expect. 

Of the voices in the head, Blessed Ones - ask “Are you of Love and Light or are you of fear? – Is this my fear I am experiencing, or is it the fear of someone/something else?”

Listen Blessed Ones – Listen.  Listen to the answer.  These voices are often what you want to run from – but in actual fact – what you do is actually run to - you run toward the voices in the head in an attempt to escape them!!!  This is when confusion reigns supreme.  In your desperate need to escape the original emotion/situation (the core) you “run” but, you must take them with you because they are a part of you.  And so you open the Pandora’s box!  The box of fear! You “step into” the reality you so need to escape from  -  (pause)  - and “there” - in fear - you are able to “act out” all the hurt, anger, pain, you so vainly attempt to deny on “the other side” (current/”here” reality)    

Blessed One – this is why you step into the role of the “Schizophrenic” – because you do not really wish to be regarded as “different” – as “wrong” – as “insane”  - as “sick” in the current/”here” reality.

All the fears - all the pain – all the anger are able to be acted out in a reality you wish to keep “separate” from the other you.  “There” now - in the fearful reality – you actually give yourself “permission” to do all you wished you could do, but were unable to do as your “original” reality!! – Because, no one would listen to you back there in that reality – no one understood how you felt – no one believed you!  That other you who is so weak!  That other you who can not stand up and speak about how he/she really feels.  Well – I’ll show them!” you think/shout aggressively.  - And so you do!

You “escape” to hide – however, you are hiding in your own anger and despair.  In this state you are not aware of yourself - the little child who is able to smile – the young adult who has the whole of life at his/her feet – the grown adult with family.  You are “lost”.  Each side of you lost to the other.  “Unbalance” ensues and the pendulum swings wildly from side to side – from one reality to another - in an attempt to lure out each side that now hides from the other!

Family, friends - disassociate in their need to protect themselves - until there is a feeling of being totally isolated – everyone is isolated – everyone is hurting.

(The following was said with so much tenderness – I saw Archangel Michael and Metatron superimposed as one – with a small child on their lap)

Blessed One – I am Metatron/Michael and  "I" come to you this day to say to you – you are Loved – you are Loved – you are Loved even though you may have experienced otherwise.

Blessed One – I – Metatron/Michael come to offer you the hope to see the scope of your blessing. 

Blessed One – I – Metatron/Michael offer to you the ability to be as Me/We – as Love. 

Come – sit on my lap as I map out a plan – you can do it.

Look upon all those mishaps in your life, everything you got into strife about – root them out – and see what they offer Thee.  See the label of schizophrenia as your saviour – (pause) - yes your Saviour! 

Hear the voices in your head with Love.  Listen to them with Love.  There is no need to shove them under the carpet – to escape from them.  Hear the voices in your head – listen – listen to what they have to say and if they be harmful to you and your peace – choose another way if you so desire. 

Refrain from telling them (voices) to go away for they will only hound you and you will be forever bound in their fear.  Draw them near.  Be discerning – be learning – ask these voices  “What do I need to know – show me what feelings/situations are at the core of my current situation?”   Then acknowledge the feelings – "own" them.  Take responsibility for them.  Once they are acknowledged as being just “the way you felt and what you did at the time” rather than being labelled as “sick” - “bad”  - “wrong” - “different” you are ready for forgiveness.  Forgiveness of yourself – because – really – you have been punishing yourself all this time!  Then, you are/will be able to forgive the situation and the people involved. 

With forgiveness – there is no need to “escape” to “run away” into another reality, for this "here" (“original”) is the one you may prefer/choose to be!  One of Loving forgiveness – one of care and compassion.  Also with this new awareness you will finally be able to relinquish your need to be dependent on drugs/medication. (I saw the drugs "masking" - thus suppressing the emotions, which would surface again unless the “core” emotions/situations were "Loved")

With the latter statement – Blessed One – be aware you may have the need to share in such help of medication until you fullytruthfully – Love – totally – your situation.  Until you truthfully consult every aspect of your fearful emotions - be discerning about “giving up” totally your medication.  A person who broke a leg today wouldn’t throw away his/her crutch because of suddenly discovering the reason the leg broke – would they?  The leg needs support and Loving care whilst it heals?  -  Yes?  -  So be discerning – be responsible for your well being.  Seek assistance from those who are disposed toward integrating new awarenesses.  Take full responsibility for your situation – there is no room for blame here in this new awareness.   

Then – Blessed One – when you realise that the “one” (the fearful/aggressive reality) you and others despised can be Loved – you will begin to see and hear the voices in the head will take on a different note.  The voices will allow you to understand and expand your ability to be the mystic, the oracle (as in eastern societies) – the channeller – now in Love.  Fear, transmuted into Love.

The other gifts – Blessed One – are, you will be able to tell others what is like to be “on the other side”, for you have experienced it.  You will also find it very “easy” to “open the door” to the Loving wisdom and vision such as ours.   Enjoy – employ the gifts just given to heal the rifts in your life.

Then – enjoy all your other “natural gifts” with which you are endowed.  Love - is how all of these gifts are able to be realised.  The natural state in which these gifts are able to flourish is in the nurturing Loving aspect of peace and harmony with yourself. 

Blessed One – as the “Schizophrenic” - turned “Mystic” - there is a vast wealth of knowledge and talents into which you may “tap”.  Perhaps “Now” is the time for Our will to be Thine - as you integrate into the new paradigm of awareness.  Your preparedness to address every aspect of emotion and action, with Loving responsibility and discernment, will allow you to wear the mantle you so richly deserve. 

Observe Love.

Be Love.

Serve Love.

Allow the dove of peace to land at your feet.

‘Til next we meet and I greet you with Love.

Your beloved Metatron/Michael.


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