Continually, I was being asked by clients “Why do I doubt so often?"

The River Bed

A Parable Channelled by Rae Chapple for Sananda
2nd November 1997

You ask why you doubt? Is not this what lesson is all about?  Doubting - and then overcoming! 

One could be summing up these days as a waste of time.  That is fine if that is your perception - for other doubts will surely come on line, until all is learnt.  Nothing can really hurt, if one looks back.  It is just the lack of understanding that causes hurt.  To be "burnt" time and time again really will occur until the situation is defined, perception realigned - And, again the choice needs to be made - Does one behave in the same manner, or does one rearrange the circumstance to allow more favourable chances to enhance the understanding?

So whatever it be, you see, all occurs for a reason.  This often comes about with the sneezy season (spring).  It is the time of new birthing.  There has been much deception overcome and with recollection it will be regarded as a most wondrous time.  This is all needing to be done before you could/can truly become one of "Us".

Make no fuss as to what "Us" means for throughout your travels you will glean the truth.  All that matters now, is to no longer be remaining aloof of, or apart from, that journey.

What does it really matter if further fears appear in the dark of night?  It is your choice to be in fright, or welcome the opportunity to begin to see what they represent for Thee.  It takes two to tango, but it takes three to be as Me - as you now/may be.

Just realise, that one does not need to take the same journey as others, for your eyes to be open.  It is all a matter of perception.  Each one's journey is different - it is as each one "sees" it.  To freeze time and only experience that, which has been before, is not within Universal Law.  That, which was the way/was as before, is now no longer relevant, for times change.  To define every experience, as once happened is a "mistake" and it will take much more time to catch up - to be realigned.

However, there is a basic premise that underlines all.

That basic premise is as the river- bed. 

The water flows, always moving, always changing.  The river - bed remains more constant.  Changing ever so slightly until - a mighty flood comes, and it too is changed: sometimes rearranged completely, for the flood has caused a diversion.

Now, this may be perceived as either "good" or "bad".  What need be realised is - that had the river bed remained as it was, the resulting flow would not have been able to experience a different bank, a different journey.  What need be recognised - and thanked - is that the river bed still is the river bed, the flow - still the flow, the bank - still the bank.

The base concept: The riverbed - is once again the provider.  The flow may peak or trough. The bank far away, or near the edge of the flow.  The base premise - the riverbed - is always there, no matter what the other two do.

Now, the choice is for you to choose what you wish to do - what you need.

Do you need to be the riverbed and allow all that is shed, to flow, as it will?  Do you wish to be the flow, not quite knowing where you will go? - - -  Or, the bank that -at times in vain - tries to remain the same?

Can you see? - The riverbed always "knows" where it's at.  Whether it's deep or flat, whether it is constant.  "Knowing" where it begins and ends, only to begin again.

It can be wet or dry.  The flow may be, or not be.  The bank of use or not, depending on the flow.  The flow, the bank, may tango, but they must thank the riverbed they may do so.

So, there you go.  Do you wish only to tango in life, or do you wish for the ability to provide opportunities for Self to know more than the tango?  How do you wish to continue?  How do you see/feel yourself?  Do you wish for further wealth of knowledge in the dance of Creation, or will you wait on the sideline - the bank - and wait for someone to come along - the flow - and ask you to tango?  How far do you wish to go?


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