Desperate Cries Of Humanity

April/May 2001

Ramifications Of Thought

Ramifications of thought
  caught in time
  willing each one into submission.
Vision oft times blurred
  by absurd wanderings of conjecture –
Stretcher of truth
  creating happenstance.

Restrictions, coupled with predilections
  of ego -
  shows thoughts in judgement
  to augment the status quo. 

Where do we go from here –
  Submissive, and lost in time?
How can we define truth
  within the status quo -
  if, within it, the only way to go –
  is submissively?

Or, do we need to move outside
  to grow?

What nonsense we often speak.
Utterances of ill chosen words –
  cringing, as they are heard.
Ill fitting, as sizes too big or small –
Tall tales assail the senses.

Defences raised, when questioned.
Badly behaved retorts
  attempts to resort to justification
  to save the situation – and face.

How does such nonsense place us in the light of day –
when it is seen – we have led ourself astray?


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