Questions of Existence

“Interchange” -  Rae Chapple & Metatron

June 2001

We are, but matter - revolving, evolving, dissolving into another existence ---

  in the mind's insistence, at attempting to define the physical bind in which we find

And - the lament, as it attempts to stave off the final outcome ---
  from whence all matter be-comes.

------  000  -----

Where is it written that one must swear allegiance to another?
  Where is it?

How does it sit with you when you feel it is not the right thing to do?

How is it that you will bastardise yourself and cast your eyes upon someone else for favour?
How does your heart savour such an action?
  Or - is it driven to distraction?

Why is not written, that to first of all honour Thee - will allow you, and others to live -
  Honourably - and with Integrity.

Where is it written?

Where is Truth?
Or - has Truth slipped unfavourably from Man's vocabulary?

Is this how history is revealed? - in Truth concealed?

Where is it written that one need swear allegiance to another - rather than Self?

  Truth? -
    - left on dusty shelf!

Where is it written? -

Does it need to be written?

-         What, is your position?  


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