Perfection Within Everything

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron & Archangel Michael
May 2000

Blessed Ones,

We are Metatron and Michael.

Whatever time there is - it will be enough!

The stuff of prophecy, is for all of you to see within the synchronicity, the windows of opportunity offered to Thee.  To diffuse any "matter" is impossible.  The appropriate "amount" of energy is always available, to allow one to enthuse about life as they will.

Still the restless mind to find the time, and "tune" of purpose.  To still the mind, allows one to define from another state, other than that which makes the physical Being (Human) go round.  Everything - being, and seen - in its state of Perfectness - otherwise it wouldn't be seen or experienced!!! 

Perfect --- everything be! - Even though, physically, many may not see it as such.

Ask yourself "How do I see, how do I perceive this state, this circumstance"?

Even though the heart may ache, even though the mind may consider otherwise - the state, the circumstance is Perfect! - Perfect - to allow one to make certain adjustments, certain decisions - allowing for the precision of forthcoming further Perfectness. 

blessed ones - everything is perfect!!!  perfect!!!  perfect!!!  It's just that due to your conditioning, thereby your perception, you see it otherwise.  Open your eyes Blessed Ones.  Realise everything is - Perfect!  It is all there for you to share in.  When you begin to see Perfectness in every instant - in every situation - decisions become so easy.

when you see things as imperfect - you battle with it - so often missing the opportunity to see the wisdom, missing the opportunity to move, to grow, and so stagnation occurs.  And - Blessed Ones - stagnation is too - Perfect!  Stagnation - Perfectly - gives you time to define your purpose.  Lack of growth is Perfect! - for that is where you need to be - Perfectly within lack of growth. 

Every perceived mistake is Perfect!  It is Perfect - for it allows you to take heed and the next time, proceed with the wisdom, the knowledge, gained from the mistake.

How many of you have vowed never to make the mistake again?  And - when it is presented to you  - you do the same thing?  Even when the second, third, fourth mistake is made - it is as Perfect as the first!  They are all presented to you, for you to become aware and share in the lesson's wisdom.

The cross word, the bad deed - are all Perfect!  Perfectly presented by you - or, another - to "see" what you, or the other will do, how you will come through the experience, allowing you the opportunity to see the synchronicity and the opportunity to grow - and - show Forgiveness and Love to yourself - and the other one.

Every situation, circumstance, is there, presented by all of your thoughts, words and actions to allow you to share in experiences of - Perfectness.

You lament about many occurrences in your life Blessed Ones.  Rejoice in them!  Rejoice in them!  Raise your voice and proclaim "I rejoice in the experience.  I rejoice, for it has come to me, in Perfectness."   

See, feel, how Perfect it all is.  And - and here's the twist Blessed Ones - here's the twist.  When you rejoice in it, when you rejoice - (pause) - compassion, understanding and humour enters.  Yes! - Humour!!!  Humour shines through - compassionate understanding, with humour. ---- (pause)---- 

Pathos! ----  A "face off" with self! 

And - Blessed Ones - therein lies the wealth of Wisdom.  Rather than derision in its Perfectness, you are able to see figuratively and literally with the Perfectness of - (pause) - Wisdom!

When you can literally see the humour, the funny side, in the circumstance - the part that you played - you are no longer able to abide within the Perfectness of ---- (pause) ---- derision - you move to the other side - the Perfectness of ---- (pause) ---- Wisdom!

Everything is Perfect - Everything!  See it as such, and it will be.  It always has been - it's just that until now, possibly, you have been unable to see - how.

We Love and Honour you - Perfectly! ---- ( pause - laughing) ---- in all of your Perfection!

Your beloved

Metatron and Michael


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