Balanced Partnerships

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron
27th September 1999.

Dear Heart and Blessed Ones,

I Am Metatron.

sometimes people define two hearts are “better’ than one. 

This is because both people are unable to come from the stance of balance, so a dalliance with the “opposite side” (partner) allows them to abide in a more balanced state. 

When there becomes an unbalance between the two, it can infuriate – usually due to both being too late at recognising a pending annoying situation, which is approached with the mind – in an attempt to resolve the issue - rather than taking the time to find solutions from the heart.  This can drive a wedge between the two and prize hearts apart.

It is often thought/felt preferable to derive sustenance from the other partner, rather than be left bereft of feeling!  This is the manner in which one is revealing to the other, what the other may be concealing.  It is indeed a gift – to demonstrate to the other – the rift which has ensued.  oft times partners pursue  “causes” along parallel tracks, with each one just being out of reach of the other and out of reach of the wisdom within the situations lesson – working in tandem - until the name of wisdom is gained. 

The gaining of wisdom – really - only needs to be achieved by one - for when one from the partnership comes to the understanding of what the situation is truly handing to them - is when the “game play” is recognised!  The other side becomes aware - very soon - for when a person declares recognition of lessons wisdom - the opposing partner in fact - becomes aware by a behaviour change in their partner.  And - in doing so -, finally “adjusts” and rearranges their own behaviour.  The “game play” has changed!

Now, you may think this strange – but both of the partnership will “try the other out” – this coming about because it is a test by each one - to see if the other person has been able to divest  the behaviour which caused the friction originally.  They not only “test” their partner – they test themselves too!!!  Be that there is a restriction of access to the heart - by the mind - the partners will again find themselves enmeshed in a mess of frictional behaviour.  So – (pause) - what we are suggesting  - is - savour the truthful feelings of the heart, to find wisdom of mind and alleviate the bind partners oft times find themselves in.

Indeed, a win, win situation – a golden opportunity for partners to gain wisdom and balance individually and totally within.  -   Then - the partnership becomes complimentary with a synergy of the highest order.  So Blessed Ones, look sincerely to your partnerships to see where balance and wisdom is needed within you, and begin to see the similarities and the wonderful gifts being offered – to enable you to live and speak from one heart  -  Yours!  You may be sure this is the start to the Grand Plan for the peaceful co-existence of Man.

It is all in your hands.



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