To a question many ask -


Channelled by Rae Chapple
23rd January 1998



Oh!   That you should ask such a question?

The lesson here is to just be.
See the greater intent of your Maker
And, how need you be?
Be as Me, part of the Trinity,
 part of that all pervading Force
 that does course through your veins.
Never again to treat yourself with disdain,
 never again to be in shame of self.
Oh! can you see the greater purpose?

Allow Me to show you.
Allow Me to show how to imbue 
 self with the most profound Love, 
 the sound of which is to be heralded from on high.
The sound which resounds 
 within a pounding heart,
 expounding the most wonderous awareness.

I invite you to take a look.
Peer, with great clarity, 
 as in a babbling brook.
Clarity, through which you all can see,
 that, truly, truly, you be as Me.

Mine eyes are your eyes. 
Mine ears are your ears. 
Mine heart is your heart, 
 absent from fear.
Mine mouth, your mouth,
 whispering words of Love.
Mine head, is your head
 filled with the Dove of Peace.
Mine body, your body,
 for you are no longer beneath me,
 for I bequeath to thee all,
 that you may be; as Me.

Lift up thine eyes
 that have so long been cast down,
 see that profound Being that Thee be. 

Are you not as Me?

I Love you, I honour you.
This is what you 
 need do.
Not only honour and Love me
 but love and honour Thee,
 for We are, as You be.

Oh!, such clarity you may see,
 You, and Me as one.

Come, come, come.

Lift up thine eyes,
 look slowly therein,
 for this is truly where you may begin
 to see your purpose.

Be as Me in your awareness 
 so I may fill your heart.
No longer to ever be apart, 
 but be as one
 as we journey to The Great Central Sun.

No longer to hide
 but to abide in Love.

Love that may be applied 
 upon your Earth.
Love, so many have denied
 creating a dearth of joy.
Love, that brings the birth of a new awakening.
Love, that dispels the shaking
 of fear.
Love that renders all as gold.
Love that is bold,
Love that is profound,
Love that is strong,
Love that is Grand
 and expands the Christ Consciousness of Man -
 to know, We walk hand in hand.

Love - so profound, 
 you hear the sound of celestial joy.

Employ the gift of senses given.
Lift up thine eyes,
 lift up thine heart  -  you have striven so long.
Join in heavenly song,
 for We were never truly apart.
This, be where you start.

Lift up thine eyes.
Lift up thine heart
 and with clarity,
See You, as Me.


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Simply Love  -  Rae Chapple