The Mystery of Mastery

Channelled for Lord Michael by Rae Chapple

Who comes, who goes - - - who Knows?

What comes – shows the way to another day.
Where you go – then you will know!

There is no mystery – only the inability to “see”.
To “see” – all one need do, is open perceptual eyes, to realise the truth of it all.

Many look within a book – or without – not realising what it is all about.

It” being the mystery.

Ah! – the mystery is Thee – thereby, the mystery being Thee, is within Thee – no other place!

To face the mysterious Self, is a journey indeed – fraught with travesty at times – unless aligned with the truth of Love.

Universal mystery, is also within – for until you begin to understand the mysterious Self – perceptual eyes will disallow you to realise and expand into the Universe.

What perverse thought is it? – that allows one to think, mystery elsewhere, will unravel at the blink of an eye, without acknowledging, and "Knowing", the mystery of Self.  And then – what would one do, if one “Knew”?!

Mastery – is the artistry of applying wisdom of mind, melded with the truth of heart, in the desire to find – and own – all that life has shown you.

Mastery is the artistry of wisdom painted upon the canvas of life – all mysteries displayed – in consecutive plays, completing the unfoldment of Self, to this present moment/day. 

Forever known - to Self!


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