Stretching The Mind Around Time

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron

3rd & 4th September 2001

Blessed Ones,

I come as Metatron to share a moment.

Sometimes it appears very difficult to define the purpose of each moment, if that moment is viewed as an opponent.  View each moment of time as We do - an eternity!  You see - each moment is encapsulated within another, and another and another.  Each moment, an integral part of every moment.  Though you may see one, two, three, four moments consecutively following each other - the moment which ever you choose, is encapsulated by every other - brothers, sisters - clones as it were. 

This has to be, otherwise, how could you see history, or how could those who are able - view the future (seers).  It is all contained within this very moment - history, future, now. (Image – myriads of “mirrors” – like being in a fun parlour surrounded by mirrors creating lines of yourself in reflection - “reflecting” backwards, forwards, every direction, all reflections, “interconnecting” with each other – and from all those, more and more “doing” the same)

How you view the Mandelbrot set is only how you are physically, conceptually able to view "wheels within wheels".  Now we will reveal a little something to you.  The Mandelbrot set is like your moments.  However, both not "wheels within wheels" because there is necessarily an outer wheel and an innermost wheel in this concept.    What we suggest is - to begin to conceptualise - though it may seem ridiculous - that there is no "outer" or "inner" - all is one - all is the same.  All "within" are also "withouts" and so it goes.

This conceptualisation will throw many into a "looped spin".  Some (people) already begin to "see" this possibility.  Such a conceptualisation will allow another realisation of other realities.  Though you may not at the moment (Metatron - laughing at the pun He made) be able to see this physically, the concept itself, will hand to those who suppose such a "thing" could be - the possibility to understand a great deal of anomaly, scientifically and medically, currently at hand.

What your learned people are seeing on the increase with "insanity" - mental trauma/depression/ aggression, is, - psychologically - many peoples' conceptualisation of such possibilities, without conscious realisation of that conceptualisation. Such a situation places these ones in a very "difficult" position - existing - figuratively, side by side - within a number of conceptual realities.  And so your medical profession sees, continually increasing mental "dysfunction" (schizophrenia etc.)

Obviously, this conceptualisation - without conscious realisation - creates a feeling of time being very "distorted".  Many of you are experiencing as if time is "flying" "It's nearly Christmas again" and at the same time "last week feels like a year ago.  I can't remember what I did last weekend". 

This is all due to not realising the – “as a whole” conceptualisation, of the "situation".  As more of you begin to consider such a possibility, finally the potential will begin to reveal much which has been concealed, due to how you do/used to, view moments/time.

You view your body in which you exist as a specific age.  But within/without that body, all of your ages exist - even the future as you see it.  Medically your doctors state that you are not the body you used to be, approximately seven years ago - nothing of you, then, physically exists "in" you - as you are now.  So how do you consider you are still the same person?  You no longer exist physically as you used to be, so whose is this body? 

Scientifically it can be claimed to be yours for it (body) contains your specific DNA - how you were then, yesterday, how your are now, and how you will be - your history - this moment - your future.  So figuratively, from your birth, you know how you will “be” until the day you die.  The moment you begin to exist - your birth - your whole future is known by you.  Medically they say, only the aspect of your DNA is known - but everything is known.

There is no such thing as time, other than that which you choose to define as time.  Your body is a time capsule - you - living out some of the enormous number of potentials available to you, created by you, depending upon choice.  Every potential possibility is there, waiting for you to share in whichever you so choose.  It is immense, limitless.  Every potential moment all contained "within"/"without" your DNA.  And your body, being a time capsule of this moment, is encapsulated with/without all other people’s moments and everything's/ situations’ moments - all forming what could be considered as a time continuum - your bodies being a vehicle for conceptualisation of linear time - but at the same time (laughter) a vehicle for the conceptualisation of amorphous "time" - a physical paradox - a physical manifestation of limitless potential futures!

Each moment being neither here, nor there - but everywhere!

We delight at the opportunity to be able to share with you – a moment!

Your beloved Metatron.

4th September 2001

Blessed Ones,

Again with you  - I Am - Metatron.

We continue with moments. 

To continue, in itself, is recognition of the precision of timing aligning all/with purpose.  To continue, relates to what you make of a moment, and thereby creates the next.  So you consider "continue", as something following on from the previous – for example - to continue writing a book - to continue washing the dishes - to continue driving the car - this moment related to the previous moment.  But, be that this moment of action is not "related" to the previous, (stopping writing a book, to wash the dishes) many of you may consider that there is a discontinuance of action - discontinuance of movement/moment.

There is no such thing as discontinuance.  Has the moment stopped?  Has the movement stopped?  Has the action stopped? And what is the beginning, or ending of the moment, movement, action? 

Does the/a "stopped" clock discontinue time?  Is there discontinuance of action? - movement?  moment?  What happens if you cry "Stop the "world" I want to get off?"  This "getting off" could be viewed as a death of some kind, however, action, movement, moment keeps right on going/growing/decaying every moment!

And - what is growth, and what is decay/death.  Some may say that growth is always the best way, "things get bigger" and in decay/death, things get smaller - no longer growing - growth delayed.  Has it occurred to you that within decay there is growth "made" another way?  And within growth, there is decay/death "made" another way.  Your biology is an example - within/without - growth and decay at the same time.  So - how do you define where growth begins, and ends as decay?  What was "in" your body yesterday, now decayed - may be the growth, as it fertilises the trees! 

Where does the moment of growth - becoming decay - occur?  Where does your skin begin and end. 

When you view the moment of what is you - your extremity the skin - you see it (skin) as defined by a sharp line to that of your surroundings.. Viewed, other than as you do everyday - under powerful microscopes, the delineation is not so clearly defined.  That which is the extremity of you - your skin - appearing to be "bound" into your surrounds.  Delineation, demarcation of the skin, no longer able to be clearly defined.

So here, we embark upon the "impossibility" - something that many of you would prefer not to consider –

You are your surrounds!

You are bound inextricably with your surrounds - you are physically, a part of everything, as everything is a part of you - not separate. 

You view yourself as separate - seeing the mantle of your skin - as how you delineate you, from everything else - and so you make the assumption that you are separate.  Separate from everything, separate from the action, separate from the movement, separate from the moment.  This view of separateness is your biggest "mistake"/veil and what allows you to make the many choices which "cuts you off" from the Whole on a conscious level.

This separateness is only in your "head" - the mental conceptualisation - ego forgoes that which you intuitively know.  So - moment/time also becomes a demarcation/delineation. 

You view always, a beginning and an end to everything.  The beginning of one moment and that moment's end - Time! - as defined by your conceptualisation.  But really, define where the beginning is and the end is.  What is "in between" the end of one moment and beginning of another?  Is there an infinetesimal "stop" and then "start" - one moment apart from the next - an "interruption"?  Does the energy of time stop?

How do you define times/moments - day night, the speed of light?  When does light begin and end/stop?  Sure - you hop out of bed at daylight to welcome the new day.  But - does the light stop at night?  What is the moment day becomes night, and night day?

So now we consider how light does play an integral part of how you define each day - each moment - and how you have defined many of your theories relating to moment/movement and energy.

Some of you (scientists, people) are aware, and share in discoveries of what you see astrophysically.  You define distance based upon the premise of the speed of light, as you have "measured".  Also, you define energy and mass - with the integral speed of light - being a part of the equation.  Now - where is that equation and its relationship to the physical when you are now able to "slow" or "hasten" the speed of light.  And - be that you have "witnessed" such a phene noma, what do you think may be "viewed” if you came from another view/possibility other than your current theories surrounding energy, mass, distance, movement, moment, time.  Would there be a possibility of what some call - a time warp? 

Remember, you define your physical existence by delineation/separateness.  Guess what could be a possibility if we - you me - could view - with those powerful microscopes.  And if for instance - the senses operated as some of your technological equipment - seeing/hearing either side of the biological perceived spectrum - like ultra violet/ infrared light- high pitch/low pitch sound?  What a profoundly different view and sound!  It's all around you - you just do not have the biological sensory capability to "tune in".  But/And, this it where many of you humans are.  Many of you, are currently aware of other aspects of physical sight and sound, which creates the profound profusion of confusion.  Reality Changing!!!  But you are needing to conceptualise, because the eyes and ears are picking up the energies.  So what was a reality one moment becomes another reality. 

Within all this there is continuance as you see/perceive/know.  One moment becoming the next and so it goes, as you know as you grow/decay, begin/delay, end.  You see everything as a "flow” many of you, even making remarks about "going with the flow"  You all may now consider the possibility that "going with the flow" is not a necessity - for you are not separate from it - you are it!

Your Beloved Metatron


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