Medical Records

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron
1st September 1998

Greetings Oh Blessed Ones,

I Am Metatron

medical records hold the concepts of the dysfunction of the individual. We understand the need to keep records.  We have “record” of all that has gone, is, and to be.  (Akashic records).There is indeed a need for you to keep records, however there is a potentiality "bound" in these records you (doctors) keep.  Also, in these records, energy is steeped.  invested energy that could be used toward healing.  Now, while the medical fraternity is "concealing" these records, within, and under lock and key, three things are happening.

1. The investiture of energy is blocked. 

2. The doctors have the individual’s power, their energy locked

3. The individual no longer feels the need to, or takes
    responsibility for their own physicality! 

while the medical fraternity takes on the responsibility to “hold” the energy/the records, the individual will not do so. they have divested their responsibility to the care of the doctor!

And, where does that get the two?


the doctor takes on the burden.  No wonder the doctor's life is so often a short one!  Worry and stress - their bodies finally acquiesce to the pressure - unless they come to the conclusion they can only do so much.  Such is the doctor's dilemma! 

Remember - doctors have chosen the profession to learn for themselves certain lessons, apart from the noble predisposition for healing others.  Their profession is revealing to them the need to be healing and responsible of - and toward - themselves first, to enable them to help others on a long term basis.

A doctor faces the inevitable truth that youth and life are not forever - in the physical terms they view.  It would do many doctors well to break their own spell, and views, about physical mortality and consult their immortality as a spiritual being. They then, may be seeing with greater wisdom - dilemmas of the physical.


The client, the patient, and patient they often are not!!! - get to give away their responsibility to the doctor or to the pill, to "fix" their illness.  whilst they – the client – expect someone, or something else, to provide the “quick fix”, they will not in any way, display the propensity to become well, to be healed.  They will continue to present sick, in some form or another, until their records the doctors keep, become thick in volume.


We suggest - divest themselves of the burden of the responsibility which is the client’s.  A seemingly irresponsible thing, to you, to do!!!  May we suggest - be aware - you bear the responsibility to provide a service of integrity, knowledge and skill, but you do not need to wear the burden, the reason, your clients are ill!!!  doctors - may we suggest – divest yourself of the original of your client’s medical records. You only need keep the copy.  (It is the original, which holds the client’s energy.  The copy is like a shadow, of little “substance”) 

When your clients come, give to them the original.  Let them keep it.  let them take responsibility and “keep” the energy for their illness and what brought it about.  Let them keep and see what they be, by their own actions or inactions.  

Let it be a policy that at every visit to you, they bring their records, their originals, their energy, their responsibility for their illness - and follow through with you - how they are going and what they need to do to amend their dilemma.  Then send them off with the new lot of originals along with the old.

this is a bold move!  however, as they follow through with you, and all they have “brought” along with them, they will soon have to consider the reason the volume of records is becoming thicker!  In others words, they will begin to see their responsibility for their physicality, for they are holding the originals.  they are holding in their hands – their own life!  Unreasonable demands, upon the "sickness system" - and a sickness system it surely is - will be unable to be made and much time and money saved.

So -  then doctor and client become compliant within their individual responsibility.  Then your “health system” can truly be called such.

There is just one thing.  For doctors to bring about an integrated aspect between themselves and their client, they will need to release the desire to be in control – their desire to be in a position of “power”.  Doctors will need to treat the client as a "whole" and not be reliant on so often feeling the need to be "right" - to consider the possibility there is sometimes  “something more than meets the eye” as to the reasons why a client is presenting ill. Greater insight and wisdom can then ensue. 

The mind is the aspect, which binds the emotional.  The physical bears the outward scars of the emotional.  You will find it is the emotional aspect, which is the key to “success" - within the medical fraternity - and inter relationships with their clients.  understand the emotion behind the physical manifestation - and - the client”s mental capacity to deny the emotion - and you will find physical resolution

Also Doctors – understand your emotion.  We hand these suggestions to you.  It is now up to you what you may choose to do with them!

We bid you adieu.



(I am reminded of some very poignant words an 83 year old friend spoke, about two years ago.  I had taken her to the local hospital for yet another operation.  Upon checking in, they bought to the desk, her medical records.  They looked like a tome, about fifty five millimetres thick.  She saw the look on my face and remarked, "thank God I don't have to carry that around with me".  The words were out of my mouth before I could stop myself, "but sweetheart, you do, it’s all in your body still".  She was shocked, but admitted I had a point.   Rae)


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