A message from God/Great Spirit
Channelled by Rae Chapple
th September 2001.

 (In response to prayers of the American Congress Prayer Vigil
and prayers world wide relating to September 11)



Blessed, Blessed Ones,

I hear your Call.  I hear your prayers, no matter where you are, what colour, what race, what religious face, what nation, for you are all My Children.  I come bearing a Great Gift of Salvation.  MY LOVE is your Salvation.  Your Love is your Salvation too.

I Am the One who Loves you.  I Am the One to whom you have come in your great moment of need.  I Am the One to whom you plead for help.  I Am the One, you view, has the answers for you.  I Am - the New Order which you seek. 

Oh! My Blessed Ones - Let the meek inherit the Earth.

I speak to you personally/individually/collectively - as all Humanity - for you are all My Children.  You are all as Me - made in My Image of Love Spiritually - and so too, physically, if you choose to view, and Be, in the New Order for Humanity. 

From the great travesty which has befallen some of you on the land of America - travesty viewed with great horror globally - you all see, with futility, how vulnerable you all are to fear, hate, aggression, retaliation.  The symbol of free enterprise flattened, military might, pierced to its very core - and were it not for great bravery - the  bastion of democracy flattened too.  My Beloved Ones - this is a lesson - a poignant lesson.  This travesty is, to date, the greatest opportunity - the greatest opportunity for you all - individually, nationally, collectively, globally as the whole of Humanity - to view via technology portraying graphically, all of what fear, hate, aggression, retaliation does to you.  This travesty is dripping with the most immense potential on every level, every front, as devastation confronts you. 

Many of you view this devastation with great relief - that it is not you, not at your place - but still you face the fear of insecurity.  "Maybe one day, maybe one day, it may come my way" you think, as your hearts race with fear. And, maybe it will - maybe it will - if your hearts are still harbouring fear, hate, aggression and retaliation  Never before globally, has such travesty be seen as if it was at your own/so many's front door.  Technologically, the media, the internet, is a key, as to how you have been able to see/view what is really, so close to all of you - and thereto - can be a key to peacefully bring about the freedom of all of Humanity.  

Though there has not always been such technology, and there has been many such travesties perpetrated upon many lands throughout history, your holy books, sacred writings and texts speak of them, great philosophers discussed them and other possibilities.  Great symbolism is to be found in words which resound throughtout history. Many of My Emmissaries - Prophets of every Creed - has spoken of them/speak of them.  So too have they, and do they, speak of that which you seek.  Solutions.  Solutions to travesties’ confusion.  Travesties and confusion of the mind and heart - a bind which keeps you entwind in fear.  These Emmissaries, these Wise Ones, Prophets of every Creed - are those that sow Love - are those that grow in, and live in Love - they KNOW Love is the way to grow in wisdom to face each new day. 

Even though they existed/exist in physical bodies and were/are tested, they were/are - of great Spiritual awareness.

As you have gathered in common purpose - your prayers - I hear - prayers for help, for peace, for wisdom, for release of your torment - your pain, your plea to never let such a travesty, which has befallen some of you, never happen again.  Your prayers, your sweet refrain of Amazing Grace - I hear - as you face what seems to be, an uncertain future.  I hear - and see - and Be - with each one of you personally, and I come to you with another view - an opportunity of immense potential - an immense Gift to heal the rift within your broken hearts.  Know it is your Lord God - your Spirit - who has spoken/is speaking and awoken you from your bad dreams.  I have seen/see all your mistakes/missed takes and how history makes/creates this travesty. 

I Forgive you for everything you ever mistakenly/miss takenly do - for you know not what you do - your eyes clouded by aggression, revenge, judgement, hate that makes the heart ache and your bodies break.  Will you Forgive others too, as I do?  Will you Forgive you/yourself - as I do you - to gain the wealth of Wisdom toward your future vision?  

Lift up thine eyes that have been so long cast down and look to Me - fully, truthfully - in the face, to face/place/orchestrate/create your future.  Know - though - to face your future, so need you to face your past, your history and the many blistery tales that ensue.  Acknowledge, own and take full responsibility of the part you played - truthfully - of your history/mistakes and what has led you to this date, and the overwhelming need to plead for help as you once again place Me - Lovingly - at the helm of your hearts desire.  Acknowledge, own/take responsibility, and Forgive, all that history has shown you, so that you never have to make the same mistakes again.  These mistakes - acknowledged, owned/taking responsibility and Forgiven - can be as insignificant, as forgetting your keys - or of as great significance as potential wartime dalliance.  You ask for guidance.  Will I have your compliance?

Allow Me to Lovingly Gift to you - show you - how you all may Be, individually/collectively of the New Order.  Allow Me - Your Loving God, Your Compassionate Spirit - to hand to you this Great Gift.  Allow this Gift of Love that glistens, to drip from my lips into your open hearts and repair the rift, which has kept you apart from Me.  Allow this Gift of Love that glistens, and drips from my lips into your open heart, so that you may now be a part of Me - Lovingly, Compassionately, Forgivingly - with great Wisdom, seeing with greater vision, the travesty that has recently transpired.  Will you listen?  Will you listen? Will you listen as I answer your prayers?

Verily, verily I say this day, this moment - this Great Gift, this Gift about which I speak - is the very travesty you see before Thee!  Travesty; rage from the age of eons, hate, and bodies that break.  Aggression, despair, for until this time you have not found it in your hearts to collectively call out for all of Humanity and be collectively/individually aware of Me.  Until this time you have not been aware of Me so physically - as I come before you - to Love you and pay homage to you - for all that you do.

Within this travesty - The Gift - is the potent potential of Wisdom, and how you may choose your future vision - the potent potential of the New Order based on Love and Forgiveness - rather than fear and aggression.  Within this very travesty that is before Thee is the lesson/Gift - the lesson/Gift how not to be- and how you would rather be/see your future.

I know many of you shout for revenge, shout for blood, shout with rage, shout with hate, for it is indeed physically, emotionally and mentally within Thee.  It is understandable, for you hurt, your heart breaks.  Blessed Ones, My Beloveds, be alert, be alert to the potential of your finest hour.  Many of you know of the saying "what goes round, comes round" - many expound the concept of cause and effect - many speak of karma ----- so I ask you to consider ----- Hear this - Consider this.  Is this what you wish for you - revenge, blood, rage, hate?    Do I make it clear?        

I ask each of you - each Child of Mine from every nation, every creed - look into your heart.  Yes, I speak to you - I speak to you My Blessed One - as I come before you and implore you to look into your heart is if it were an open book - the open book which I - your Lord God - your Great Spirit - does read, as you proceed throughout every moment of your life - your history.  Look into the book of your heart and see how/if it has been ripped apart.  Look into the book of your heart - your Heart Truth from the time of your inception/histories - throughout all your youth until this present moment/day.  Has your heart been tinged with aggression and hate - colouring the fate of your future?  Is it needing to be healed of congealed bloody retribution of history?  Are you living - this day - your life, your Heart Truth - or another’s - that which has been dictated to you by father, mother, sister, brother, grandfather ….?  Are you living another's historic battle, or your own?   What is your Heart Truth's view?  And, now - As you are truthfully now - is this how you wish for history to view you?  

I Forgive you any transgression from Love  - and so too - this you need to do.  Forgive self/everyone/everything, to enable your heart to truly sing of Amazing Grace.  Allow your heart to remain open to receive Me - to receive My profound Love - to receive/wear/bear My Name - your Lord God/your Great Spirit.  You say you are willing to place your trust in Me.  Let us see.  Let us see.

Within this recent travesty, or any matter which causes distress, is the test you have so faithfully created by your every thought, every word, every action/deed - paradoxically - The Gift I hand back to you - the New Order.  The New Order's premise based upon Love, Honour, Integrity and Truth - to allow the Dove of Peace to greet you as it lands at your feet.  Blessed, most Precious Ones, this is the reason I Love you so.  Each day as you grow, sow seeds of disquiet to make your hearts bleed, know I Am with you.   Know as I watch you, I Love you.  Know, I Forgive you all those seeds of disquiet you sow.  Know, also, just as I do - so too can you sow the seeds of Love, sow the seeds of Peace to release you from your current bondage.

I pay Loving Homage to you for this recent travesty which you have sown.  I pay Loving Homage to you, for the tears and blood which you weep, over the past few days, throughout history - watching - as your tears and blood seep into the ground.  You say, as you pray, your hearts are open to receive Me.  Is it to be as you say - or will you choose another way?

I speak to all of Humanity, collectively and individually for you are all My Children.  Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you shall find.  I remind - of cause and effect.  Sow seeds of fear and hate and you shall reap fear and hate.  Sow seeds of Love and Compassion and you shall reap Love and Compassion.  This is how you make/create/orchestrate your current reality -thereby - ongoing reality.  So how do you see your current -thereby - your ongoing reality?  What is it looking like to you?  Do you wish for another view which will Lovingly embrace you as you face your future peacefully?

Blessed Ones, listen to Me, listen to Me.  Lovingly, Compassionately, Forgivingly is how you, too, can Be.

You seek peace, then, give/sow peace - Be Peaceful.
You seek forgiveness, then, give/sow forgiveness - Be Forgiving.  
You ask for help, then, give/sow help - Be Helpful.
You seek justice, then, give/sow justice - Be Just 
You ask for understanding, then, give/sow understanding - Be Understanding. 
You seek compassion, then, give/sow compassion - Be Compassionate. 
You ask for  truth, then, sow/give truth - Be Truthful.
You seek love, then, sow/give Love - Be Loving
You ask for integrity, then sow/give integrity - Be of Integrity
You seek honour, then sow/give honour - Be Honourable

These attributes are some of those required for the New Order.  Look to these.  Be strong, be bold, be courageous.  Squeeze out - transmute any fear into attributes of Love, which abounds.  Look around you, what do you face?  That which you face is the mirror of your heart, reflecting back to you all that you think, say and do.  So how does your heart look to you - your reflection?  Are you faced with hate, anger, aggression, retaliation?  What is the lesson?  Are you faced with Love, Truth, Integrity and Honour?  What is the lesson?  What you see, what you hear, what you feel - is how others see, hear, feel about - Thee.   Individually, nationally, patriotically, religiously, collectively - this is how it be - how individually, nationally, patriotically, religiously, collectively you see/view the other.  

You are all Brothers; you are all of the same brethren, for you are created in My Image of Love.  My House is your House.  My Mansion is your Mansion, no matter what your religious or political persuasion, no matter what your colour/race/face.  Your God/Spirit is everyone's God/Spirit, for I dwell in the heart of your very Essence of Being.  You may have different colour, religion, race, but you all come from the same place - you come from Me!  -  My House!  -  My Mansion!  Once inside you see that We/You collectively as a whole, are all the same, just known by different name.  The doors from the outside may present different views, different approaches, but on the inside the view is the same.

Do you all bleed the colour of red - the blood of My Heart of My Body?  As you lie in your bed, do you all wish for the same - security, peace, warmth, Love to nurture you?  To Love and be Loved?  For happiness, health, and wealth?  For a home and never to be alone?  For water and food?  All of these things and many more are available to you - be that you choose to walk through the door of My Mansion.  Foolhardily?  Recklessly? - maybe - with Love?  At the doors of My Mansion is a mat upon which you may wipe and remove your shoes of fear - be that you choose to enter in Love.  Within and without, I Love you Unconditionally, for you are all a part of Me.

I speak with Love, to all of you personally and collectively as a whole. 

I speak with Love, personally, to the one known as George - the namesake of your democracy's founder - the land of America.  Consider - Are you, George, to be the "burning" Bush through whom I may come to facilitate/create/orchestrate a New Order?  Will you allow yourself to set an example - guided by Me - to allow freedom to be sought by all - peacefully?  To show, by example, what democracy is all about? To allow every country - all of Humanity the opportunity to consider democracy, based upon the premise of Unconditional Love and all that I have discussed?  OR ----- will the order continue to be through the gun, forever bound in bloody history - the rays of the sun covered by smoke as, currently, in your great city - while you smote aggression and retaliation?  How do you wish for history to view you and your great country?   Will you give justice - Be Just - toward your aggressors?  You, do have the political power to show how history views you and your great country.  Is it really the land of the free?  I Love and Honour you greatly for the role you play.

I speak with Love, personally, to every world Leader.  Know too, that it is the people of your country you have to face as you place yourself on the line if you wish to be re-elected. So, how too, do you wish for your electorate and history to view you?  And how too do you wish to serve your people?  Will you be led by Me toward the New Order - the view - I offer to you and all others?  So too, do I Love and Honour you for your role.

I speak with Love, personally, to all in the military - on every shore.  I know your history, as I know all history - the entirety.  You of the military - the colours/stripes you wear/bear upon you breast and shoulders attest to your position within you physical realm.  Lovingly, I offer to you - a view - a view so profound you may all fall to the ground weeping, as we are all keeping appointment this day.  No way, no way could you physically see/imagine the colours/stripes you wear, when you share your appointment with Me - Spiritually, on this side whenever you have died physically.  The view as I see you - now, and during those times - is one so grand, colours/stripes which would delight the senses, rather than those representing your physical defence/s.  Before Me, Lords and Masters of Love who have risen above retaliation and aggression.  So people of the military, I offer this opportunity to you - to view the New Order - you, as "defenders" of Love physically, as I see you before Me Spiritually.  Be as Me - in physicality, the giver of Love and Life - rather than the taker.  Such a role you have played for which I Love and Honour you.

I speak with Love, personally, to every religious leader of every creed.  History has viewed, how many of you and your kind, have skewed Laws of Mine.  I Am the Lord.  I Am the Law.  I Am Love.   Time has shown how seeds have been sown and harvested, some with dread and some with Loving Forgiveness and Compassion.  I now command - disarm all that which is other than Love.  I command for you to stand steadfastly, only in, only as - Love.  I command you to begin to Be and See, as Me - Spiritually Lovingly, Forgivingly, Truthfully, Honourably and with Integrity - to the utmost of your physical ability.   I command all of you, who profess to be the Leaders of Spirituality - to heed these words.  Release your hold, your control of your peoples.  Release them from the bondage to pay homage to only as you see your kind - your creed.  Release them to Me!  May I remind, all peoples, within all creeds, are Heirs of My Care, as are you.  Be led by Me - to think, speak, and act - Lovingly toward every Creed. Honour every Creed, for they all lead to Me.  How I Love and Honour Thee.  Your role is one of great Trust - and so it is a must you proceed with Love, Truth, Integrity and Honour.

I speak with Love, personally, to every person - man, woman and child - and collectively - the whole.  How do you wish to be viewed by history, your family and friends?  I ask this of you, for collectively/as a whole, - nationally, politically, religiously, racially, you all make up - are a part of - Humanity.  Will it be with profanity that you are viewed, or with great Love?  Now, having said that, I wish to share something with you, something of which you may not be aware.  Currently, many of you are in despair and don't know where you are going.  Fear is showing on many a face in many lands.  Many of you do not know what to do and what to think.  Oh! My Beloveds, you are on the brink of a great understanding.   During these times/ this time, you may find I Am the closest to you, as are all of Beings of Love and Light. 

I have given a command to all religious leaders to be led by Me, for this New Order- this Gift - for Humanity will allow you to expand into a physical reality of peace.  This Gift is the new consciousness - some call it the Christ Consciousness - that may emerge if you choose to purge fear from your heart.  Fear is the devil/satan/ego.  Fear is evil dwelling within your heart because you have chosen to be apart from Love, Truth, Honour, Integrity - Me.  Fear is really a friend, as it tests you again and again until you find what is "behind" the fear - The Gift.  This Gift of Love is the potential of the new millennium. 

All of your religions speak of a "Second Coming" - The New Order - of your Loving Spiritual awareness/consciousness - is "the Second Coming".  You will be coming "Home" to Me whilst still in physicality.  This Gift comes encapsulated within the travesty wrought upon the country of America - the Wisdom of lessons gained, encapsulated within the pain and suffering, encapsulated with the prayers.  This Gift comes encapsulated within any despair.  

Consult your Spiritual Being.  Consult your heart to begin to see the start - the beginning - of a new life for all of you.  Consider the possibility, that if all you choose to be led by Me, Lovingly - for all of Humanity - there will be great abundance.  Economically, there will be great abundance if you all choose to share in it.  Environmentally you will begin to see purity begin to replace that which you see as pollution - the pollution of your confusion - for you will have the opportunity to honourably treat the sustainer of your physical existence - your Earth.  Your mother may have birthed you, but who do you think nurtured her whilst you were in gestation?  The direct relationship many of your indigenous peoples had/have with the Earth is because they knew/know this.  Dishonour and poison the Earth and you dishonour and poison you and all others.

Love Me, as I Love Thee, within your chosen Creed, for each Creed leads to Me.  Love one another as if everyone were your blood brothers and sisters.  You are all of My Body, all of My Blood, so it is decreed that you are all Brothers.

So now - how Blessed Ones - do you wish to be?  Out of the ashes of travesty will you emerge and have the nerve - the courage - to consider how you may now be?  This Gift of Loving potential - the New Order - new consciousness, for this millennium is yours.  All you need do is extend your hand to Me, take Loving Command of your future, your destiny in Loving action - with Me.

I Am.  I Am your God - your Spirit.  I Am a part of You.   

I hear your prayer, your call.  Pray be still.  Will you listen?


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