I Am That I Am

April/May 2001

What difference does it make who I was, or am to be, or am  - underneath it all?

What counts - really - is, who I am now, and every moment.  For it is now, this moment, I live with me.  And - so it is, with every moment.

To be content with me, at every breath, is surely all I need to know about who I am - for from that - all else will follow as it has always done.

Ridiculously, we always seem to be attempting to see ourself as some other way, or some other person.  Are we afraid to really know who we are - this moment?   And so we look far back to the past, or forward to the future.

Is this a diversion - these excursions into the past or future - a diversion to avoid the moment - a diversion not to take responsibility for how, and who we be - Now?

So, willingly, I look to me now, for that is how I need to know - to allow myself to show where I need to go from this moment - thence, who I will be.

 Simply put - I Am that I Am, because that is what I Am - each moment!


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Simply Love  -  Rae Chapple