The “Sound” of HAARP

Channelled by Rae Chapple for The Great One and Metatron
27th February 1998


There are far greater things that abound, yet to be found.

"sounds" resonate throughout the tectonic plates - haarp  Take care, be aware of what you do.  To pursue any further course of action will cause destruction/distraction of masses.

There is an inter- reaction between "sound" and some physical manifestation that have already been found on the edge of the americas and other continents!  This is not only seen, but is also (unseen) between two great rivers.  Continuance of experiments will cause shivers down many a spine as the earth’s crust attempts to realign.  Other lands have also been effected.  You may also find activity in the earth’s portals that have long been dormant. (volcanoes)

Let this portent, activate thought to enable all to make the appropriate moves.  It is indeed your choice if you wish to voice your discontent to prevent further experiment. 

And, experiment they are!  So far they do not understand, or see, how such experiments can be the catalyst of extreme devastation.

Your scientists and men of power and force (military) wish to continue with the course of experimentation to gain supremacy.  Their propensity to consider that they are able to tame any force, may be called by another name - Foolhardy - tame nature, the elements - that they so shame by their experiments?   Why? We know not!!!!

Show these ones who take up arms against all nature that their thinking is not mature.  That the allure of power may be witnessed at their final hour - as the forces of nature shower them with displeasure.  Let the people of the world unite, measure the consequences of such experiments and bring to the attention of their governments that the people will not countenance such harm being inflicted on their home: - Earth.

For earth is your home, not just one city, one state, one country.  what is done on one continent has ramifications on all others!!!

You bore witness to Chernobyl.  Witness that which is in all news.  The fires in Borneo, South America.  How far does this go?  Those fires not only hiss on those lands, but the ramifications expand to other lands.  Smoke - Smoke as if the fire had been stoked at your own back door. (pollution)

Do you want more of that, or the like?  Will you pike out and say it is not our plight?  The lesson here is not just to believe, but to know – that as you sow, so do you reap.  go slow, go slow with experiments of scala/haarp and make peace.  cease ultimately until you know what you do.  There are a few of you who do know, already how unsteady these experiments have made some areas.  areas are crazed like a cracked egg.  We beg of you, refine how you have behaved in the past.  It cannot be masked forever.

All speak your mind, find out the truth and raise your hand for peace.  See how your demands can expand the greater consciousness of man.  The plan for all your harmonious existence is in your hands.

you all create your reality.  What do you wish to see/live?  In peace, harmony and Grace, or face an uncertain antagonistic future which has always placed the recipients of those decisions in fear.

what will it be?

We are The Great One and Metatron from The Great Central Sun.

(Relating to South Australia, Australia)

Look at your map.  Where is Pine Gap?  And where is it that your Governments wish to store nuclear waste?  Are you sure you wish to do this?  Are you in too much haste?  Consider!  Consider!  Consider!

Are we painting a picture that may eventually appear bigger than you all realise?  Open your eyes.  To surmise that you are only but one, is an illusion.  Come together in love, be wise, join forces.  You all can change the course of history if you wish.


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