Desperate Cries Of Humanity

April/May 2001


Guilt -
  Forlorn lover of untruth

Harsh word, bad deed heard echoing through the mind.

Guilt -
  Cutting blade buried to the hilt in the heart –
     from whence truth did depart.

Now we find –
  Sleepless nights, bitten lip, as guilt does eclipse
  each day, each year –

Truth denied, and so we fear.

Shadows cast across length and breadth of heart –
Depths of guilt sustained, as we blame.

Oh! - cursed guilt, we are so shamed!

Lame excuses, justifications –
  colouring situations,
  in an attempt to prevent-
The guilt.

Buried so deep.
But – still it seeps to the surface
  the furnace of shame.

We crave relief.

Lonely Truth does stand –
  forgiving –
  though jilted by untruth and forlorn lover –


When will we discover, truth too
  is by our hand -
  waiting for us to take command?


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