The Gift Of Freedom

Dedicated to Danielle and Stephanie

Rae Chapple June 1997.

My Child,
 You were born of my body, born of my flesh, enmeshed with Love.

I smiled as I first lay you to my breast and vowed I would do my best.
I had hopes and dreams for your future, yet to be seen.

But, they were my dreams not yours - and under Universal Laws, I have found my dreams -
  it seems - may have bound you for so long, for they are so strong.
My dreams and expectations can create - and be - your very limitations,
 and this, I do not wish for you.

So, my Child - with Love - I release you from my dreams, my aspirations, my expectations
  and their very limitations upon you.
I give to you - your freedom - to follow your own dreams, your own heart's desire.
All I now hand to you, is my ever expanding Love for you.

So, follow through.  Pursue your own dreams with Love, without any encumbrances.

Aspire to your heart's desire.
And know, wherever you go and whatever you do,
 my Love is always with you.

Fly precious Child fly, for there is now, no limit to your sky.


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Simply Love  -  Rae Chapple