Desperate Cries Of Humanity

April/May 2001

Four corners of the Earth
  of one so round -
Is where indescribable fears are to be found.

Where travesties and injustice abound -
Where hate and dissention of religion and race -
    place one against another -
   unable to face the unassailable truth -

Each of us creates the fear!

Unable to place ourself on the line
  And say -
"from this time on -
  Thine will, be mine"

To align with tolerance, compassion - a fair go -
  for everything and everyone we know.
To show understanding
  that the only ship we are ever commanding -
  is our own.

History has shown lack of responsibility of the many -
  prohibiting peace.

And so nations find the need to police all others -
  other than self!

When will each one of us take heed -
  That the buck stops here -
  here - right here -
  not some other place?

Then, and only then, will we face
  the future in peace -

Fears released.


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