Entwined Energy Matrices

Human Biology/Economics

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron, Michael & The Great One

27th August 2001

Greetings Greetings Dear Heart and Blessed Ones,

Now is the time to play your part Dear Heart.  To start: - Let Thine will, be Mine - Metatron

Some of the time it will seem, Blessed Ones, as if nothing is happening. It appears as if much is in arrears.  This is not necessarily due to fears - but due to timing.

What some of you have been viewing/experiencing (concerns about brain, eyes and ears) will allow a perception of how those aspects are currently in physical nature.  The physical nature of biology is the “vehicle” of the (biological) energy/nature matrix.  The matrix, being the bonding between the energy of human biology and the physical human biology - which has been for so long, the way/understood - begins to radically change this “day”. 

Blessed Ones   - Pray, pay attention.

Energy "currents" are beginning to "reverse"  This may seem perverse to some, however, all is necessary - necessary to "purge" that which is no longer needed – perceptions "bleeded" of the old, for the new to come through. 

What we ask of you, is to view any form of "tiredness" as being the result of this "reverse" procedure.  Though some may curse any fear, and their inability to be and do, as once known/experienced - know, your have not been thrown off course.  Substantially - financially - you will become aware of this information you may share, if you wish - saving many, much despair.  Green, orange/red is what needs to be fed (eaten) - But go easy on the chilli!  (referring to the foods in one’s diet - chilli can create natural endorphins to be released, creating almost a “false” sense of well being/high)

Systematically, the energy matrix is being reformulated - which is related to Alternating Current - however a slightly "different" A/C to how you see/understand the electricity in your society's energy systems.  It is more of what the one known as Tesla, had shown, but could not continuously replicate.  Now - how you, or others relate to this information – depends upon whether or not, you are “open” enough to perceive differently, from what is currently believed.  You will be relieved to know that we will "show you" (over time) and also - know - scientifically, those ones too, (scientists) will begin to "see" what we have just imparted.

Energetically the human biology is beginning to mutate – to change - to allow the physical, orchestrate physically, how to produce “Vitamin C”- the prelude to longevity and, regeneration of tissue/organs. (Image - It did not appear to be exactly Vitamin C as we understand, but something/”chemical” that has a like effect, which “compliments”, promotes/assists “production” of amino acids - along with some sort de-differentiation of cellular structure – aiding regeneration of cellular tissue) 

The energy matrix (human) directly implicates/impacts upon the DNA - which in itself - is an energy matrix.  The prefix to amino acids -  “shedding light” - for the role of the thymus is to undergo a radical "change", by scientific/medical perception.  This change is being rearranged by the hypothalamus. 

Within this, there is a strange "twist".  To help enlist the (human) biological changes - societies economic structures need to be revised!  --- (pause) ---

Many wonder why there has been much "unrest" globally - globally on every front, and the feelings by many, to divest themselves of their reliance upon compliance of the monetary system along with concerns about the global economy.  The economic markets are figuratively at a stand still - some institutions appearing to "fall back" - huge credit owing and a slowing of investment and growth.  This is directly in line with the energy matrix "reversing"  It is a time - it is an opportunity - to redefine how/where, society/humanity places its values/energy! 

Even  environmental situations are in direct relationship to the energy matrix, for the enviroment is part of the matrix too.  It/All has to be - for energy will always attempt to find a state of "balance" – thereby, there appearing to be "no energy" at all, when balanced.  It is only when there is an imbalance, energy is "recognised".  Energy is always there - most times you just aren't aware of it.

So you wonder – “where does this all fit?” - And that's the point!  Much does not "fit" anymore! - consequently you see/perceive everything going "backwards", slowing down, or standing still - rather than going forward/increasing, as you would "will" it!

The releasing of “restrictive” trade practices is one example of seeing some industries going backwards, or going bust - rather than growing.  When the dust begins to settle, (image of a huge rolling dust “storm” of destruction) all will begin to be seen in a different light.  When the "intrinsic" value of concepts, life, products, etc. are recognised rather than despised - the balance energetically - also read financially - will foresee economically, scientifically, medically - new theory and  knowledge.

Many, many of you - individually - are in "arrears" financially/energetically, (credit) causing many fears, many tears.  It doesn't take much searching for financial/energy figures/”figures” to appear and provide that which you can no longer hide.

Fiscal policy, has been as a lolly offered to the masses, to subdue the wanting child!

The twist is - to resist the allure of the lolly, which spoils the child's dinner, will render mankind a winner.  A winner on many fronts!

The financial/energy stakes, directly relate to the evolution of the human biological system!

We have spoken before about bone being a transmitter, transducer, transceiver, a light emitting diode.  We have spoken about the brain/nervous system, blood system and the organic crystals.  We have spoken about the nervous system, the skin and the energy matrix "externally"  All of these and many many more, are in the process of change, created by DNA being "rearranged"/mutating, changing from one end/resultant, situation/system to another ---  (pause) ---further awareness added to, which creates an entirely different view from that, previously.  This you have seen throughout history - and continue to see/view, and more so - if you are able to forego concepts/perception that now may restrict the view. 

Can you be sure two and two make four - or could it be more!  If the parameter of base 2 - binary - is not as you thought - then, the outcome - 4, you may be sure, also could not be as originally thought.  (Images – one being that computer technology will “hit the wall” with the binary system for it is limited in its interface. Image - another “language” on a base 12 system of some sort, being used to allow interfacing with human “thought form”, my only way to explain it – “organic computers”) Be free/open in thought to allow/enable you to sort out what the next few months and years, is all about.  Dear Heart and Blessed Ones, We will continue at a later time.

(One day later 28/2/2001 -  Metatron told me it was required I was rested after the previous information, to enable me to receive the following for he realised the images I received during the channelling had caused a profound physical impact upon me)

Dear Heart and Blessed Ones,

We will speak more about the Law of Cause and Effect in relation to the energetic matrix of the so called Free World's economic and political systems/structure. 

The economic system, as I have mentioned - is about to undergo an immense change - the prelude - that which has been abused - will become as the dust of the ground. (Again – the image of the destructive dust “storm” – also, this time, people running)

Once the intrinsic value of economic structures is found and addressed in tandem with the individual's intrinsic nature - the emerging economic structure will be able to be addressed.  Thereto - financially and economically the world will see, in the coming years - a far different story than the "glory" of past financial structures/policy. 

As the dust settles, many will begin to see the value of there being a "wider" distribution of structures and resources.  Thereby - many more (people) will be able to share in abundance than previously.  The propensity for humans to always gather in one spot - is not healthy.   Wealthy (seen) maybe!?  However, concepts of a more even distribution of “resources”, will alleviate the coming confusion.  'Twill be a stark reminder as to whether those ones in democracies are really the lands of the free - or imprisoned/impoverished - be it financially, energetically/emotionally.  --- (pause) ---

(Images of rapidly changing images of crowed cities, piles of money ringed by people, keeping others “out/away”, waste, violent crime, buildings crumbling, piles of garbage, pollution – starvation, suffering, war.  Then “relocation”.  Referring to the images  -  Metatron continued)

Dear Heart, and Blessed Ones, see all/forthcoming events as prime opportunities to address financial/economic change - thereby gaining wisdom from history.

Now - hand in hand with financial matters, goes the policy/politics of every land.  The supposed democracies of the world, are really "held"/imprisoned, by their/other’s financial economic policy.  There is great fear that tomorrow, or next year etc. there will not be enough money/resources to go round.  What many politicians have found is – much of democracy is based entirely upon money - and/or - the lack of it!  So - where is the freedom?  How can a politician/party/country make good sound policy in all areas - for example - in areas such as health, education, environment - if they are not free, but are bound inextricablly, totally/only, by economic policy?

In such a system - there is no such thing as freedom.  No such thing as total freedom when equality and fraternity are concerned – this, you will soon learn. 

If - you are all equal in your society - are you free to be "unequal"/different?  And if you have fraternity/belonging - are you free to be "outside" the fraternity, different?  Are those of you who are viewed as an outsider - a “rebel”/different - able to put your point of view, be who and what you need to be - without being "put down", frowned upon, thought to be mad?

In most societies - democracies or not - anything espousing liberty fraternity, equality, really is how you are conditioned to maintain the status quo.  Dare you step outside - pressure is applied.  Dare you suggest another way - you will "pay", be ostracized - no money - not able to eat - not able to meet the bills.  So - economically/financially, the dissenter grinds to a stand still - unless the will is strong.  The dynamics of the evolution of society and its structures politically - is directly related economically to – for instance - many people's inability to feed them.  Human biology left wanting!  (starvation/famine)

And then - there is the ecology!  Well - "What about the ecology Metatron?" you may ask.  Yes - what about it? 

At your last great conference - many who espouse to be caring democracies reneged on deals.  And what is revealed there about the back step - the slowing down?  Economics financial policy, in its need, keep intrinsic values totally inflated - the wanting to have more than is needed, based upon greed. - - -  And you wonder why some countries and their peoples “bleed”?  And - land - land taken and land abuse, because financial issues are diffused through rhetoric, which is really saying, "I want" or "It will cost too much"!  What goes round will eventually come round! (Referring to the Law of Cause and Effect/karma)

So - "Where is this going?" you may ask. 

It will be going "no where", if you are unable to become aware of the "base"/intrinsic value of life, relating to everyone and everything on your planet.  The only result - if these concepts are not addressed fully - will be war torn strife - those "have-nots"  - or those with "an axe to grind" - attempting to find ways to have a go/get at, the "haves".  I remind of you all of Cause and Effect.  Neglect that which is in front of you - staring you in the face - and you will be faced with an immense dilemma.

Already many are beginning to move! - the "have-nots" - the suppressed  - and if you look at it - anyone guess? ---- it is tied up with financial/monetary structure - totally.  Basic human values of decency thrown out the window, when currency monetary "policy" is applied.  Couple that, with fears of those "haves", who worry that they could become the "have-nots", all compassion is lost, at both - "haves" and "have-nots" - cost!

So - energetically, for the human, where does all this fit in? 

Money is energy! - as is everything!  Unbalance of wealth/money/energy, creates unbalance of the "Whole" - which includes biology! 

So many illnesses/unbalances days – “new and old” - are displayed in the biology of the human!  Unbalance causes structures of every sort, to crumble - rumbling sounds of history, coming to the surface, to be addressed.  Unbalance causes financial, political, environmental, biological, religious structures to crumble, because the intrinsic value can no longer support the inflated concepts.  Structures implode upon themselves! (Again the dust storm and sounds of terror) This is the reason I said your biological and financial structures are so inextricably entwined.  Your whole world's structures are currently based upon - and around currency - the dollar, the Yen, the Deutschmark – soon to be defunct - to name a few.  Currency is all energy, and so the energy matrix of the currency markets, push/ pull the energy matrix of the human and vice-versa. 

Economic/money markets’ energy, directly reflect the emotion/energy of the humans!

Unbalance causes illness.  If you look at it, most people’s illnesses are caused/bought about in the "free" world by life style and money. (Plagues, starvation etc. not “experienced” by “wealthy” nations, due to advances in medicine and farming techniques/technology - being “replaced” by immune deficiency illnesses, cancers, crime etc.) The people's biological energy matrix “tied”, to the energy matrix of money - and what money can, or cannot do for them - depending on whether they have, or, have not.  Stresses/unbalance - in both polarities.  In all of this pursuit of money and the emphasis upon money - the over inflated intrinsic value of so much - has the effect of you (collective) shooting yourselves in the foot.  Or, another "shoots" you, to gain some energy/money! 

You will witness this.  

Intrinsic value not realised - the over inflated system implodes!  It cannot support itself!  (Image again of the dust storm, crumpled forms of people and buildings)  Can it be more plain - that what you are all attempting to do - is to gain more energy for yourself? 

You all are attempting - in the pursuit of money, status, land, etc – to gain energy from somewhere! All addictions come from this! - attempting to gain more energy for yourselves, from some external source, which so often creates fear and unbalance on every level. 

Fear and unbalance restricts flow of all “things”- restricts the changes within your own biological and financial systems/matrices.  Vaults will need to be opened to repair the ensuing mess!  (Pathos! – as vast amounts of money/energy will be required)

Take this opportunity to consider what is important to you.  If this were your last few moments what would you do?  Would you continue to go about your "business" pursuing money/energy, status, land - or would you focus/contact what is most important in your heart? 

That answer Blessed Ones, is the spiritual answer which will render a new start - a new beginning for many - and is the precursor to potential restructuring - biologically, financially, politically, environmentally, religiously/spiritually - for all of Humanity.

We Love and Honour Thee,

We be as Three and Many, Many More.

Your blessed Brothers,

Metatron, Michael, The Great One - directed by God/Great Spririt.


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