The Exponential Curve of Time

Channelled by Rae Chapple for The Great One and Metatron
2nd April 1998

Greetings most blessed ones,

These fleeting glances, enhances all that is.  ‘Tis a fact that as you look back, you see the lack of self worth.  It now appears that self worth is becoming dear to your heart.  So, please let us start.

The information that we wish to impart this day has in no way been imparted before.  It is to do with Universal Law. 

Most of the information that has been written - is in truth - not as it seems.  Underlying all that has been written there has been hidden much.  Such is the necessity until all overcome the propensity to fall into fear.  To date all that has been made clear has come about. 

Hidden under all the aspects of Universal Law is the “claw” that holds.  Yes you may be so bold as to ask, claw?   The “claw” about which I figuratively speak - is that “bird of paradise” that has been lost, at the cost of man's recognition of his true purpose.  This "claw" is the underlying basis of all Universal Law.  It is the way in which man does find he is able to bind himself to Spirit.  This "claw" is the connection.  Without it there would be no protection, no hope, no scope to progress.  This “claw” is Love.  (I received a picture of a bird with mankind only held by one claw – it felt the bird was loosing its grip due to mankind’s struggle. I suddenly felt very sad)

To put it simply - man, in this existence – is only a dimply reminder of his true self.  This grand "experiment" that you have all consented to help plan, is not only for man, it is for All.  If you all knew the extent, there are many who would try to prevent the course of action - such is man's predilection to operate from ego.  For it would truly be seen that man, as you perceive, would not be able to handle such concepts.  man has always been very adept at maintaining the status quo!!!  And, as you know, this often creates blocks.  It is for a few to take stock and heed what is needed to proceed further.

Now - any may knock this concept -especially those who find it conflicts with their current thoughts.  We realise that many do not wish to view events through different eyes, so they will continue to be as they are.  What needs to be addressed is that all that you have assessed is not so -  That the universe is not as it seems.  It is only that way - has come about – because of mans’ need to shout of his dominance. 

the universe is a spiraling exponential curve - as it were, like a corkscrew - travelling through -and part of - the "cosmic soup" some call it.  these loops create a vortex that pulls all with it.  Instead of being held back, that which is being "pulled along", gains density, mass, and begins to "push".  Like the effect of a train engine, being pushed by the mass of rolling stock behind, if it attempts to stop.  Set up "behind" (past) is a vacuum effect, which adds to further speed/ height. 

What is needed here - is to allow - the old concepts, old precepts on mass and speed/time to dissolve.  This is the reason why many feel that time is “speeding up”

Coupled with this phenomena is the concept, that all is Now.  The concept that the outcome (future)  has already been achieved.  This concept at this time, can only be believed - for it is a fact - that due to lack of understanding by man, we are unable to be handing the full picture.  The full picture is unable to be countenanced in this reality.

The future as you know it also has a "pull".  The full effect of this push/pull from the Now time, the past/present/future has slowly - and increasingly more quickly - been changing the application of gravity, mass, space and time.  the new paradigm is beginning to "emerge".   It has always been there.  You were just not aware due to your lack of commitment to cooperation, between all on this planet. (people, nations science and spirituality) 

The emergence of greater awareness by a larger number//mass of people - their “letting go” of the past - the acceptance that conflict can never totally resolve issues - the understanding that they all need to work in harmony with the planet, has had the effect of speeding up of time.  the spiraling exponential curve is turning at a “faster” rate.

We are The Great One and Metatron from The  Great Central Sun.


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