Creation and Evolution

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron,
 10th October 1999

Sometimes old forms of consciousness need be “torn down”  - the crown of past legitimacy replaced by “literacy”, and with it, an awakening of a consciousness no longer able to “live” within old parameters.

A new gable has been pitched for the roof of heightened awareness.  This indeed is proof of an emulation of two things –  creation and evolution.  creation of a new consciousness and the evolution of that creative consciousness.  There needs to be a “stepping up” in every direction before that consciousness can be “lived” – applied. 

Did you ever wonder of the reason discoveries follow a sudden “blinding light” of thought – of realisation?  Sometimes the discovery “falls into your laps” creating a shift of consciousness.  Perhaps it could be seen as “providence – a little help?!!!

All of this is, of course, very well, however until the discovery or state of newly found consciousness is acted upon – applied in every day life – you may as well still hide it away for all the good it will do.  When you apply, or follow, a “lead” or thought this precedes a greater knowing- greater knowledge.  However it is often old outmoded belief systems/knowledge which disallows one to step into a new state of consciousness/awareness and evolve so that past situations can be “solved”. 

so many old belief structures revolve around blind faith – people thinking and feeling safe in them!  These people indeed are the ones who plead for things to remain the same – consequently deny change – and in their own way, they actually nullify the very ongoing creative process that they say was how everything came into being.  They are not seeing the opportunities being presented!  Such ones are lamenting, in many instances, the insurrection, the fighting, the disease etc. in their need for “protection”, in their need to maintain the status quo.  But as you know, eventually it will be  a lost battle, for the mantle of changing consciousness will finally envelop all!

Throughout history, the only constancy, the only thing you can really be guaranteed – is change – rearranging, ultimately, every aspect of existence.  Within this system (existence) there are checks and balances and until the greater mass of humanity is able to accept and adapt to the new consciousness, further information, discoveries, knowledge is unable to be revealed.

Concealed within each new stage of consciousness are the checks to balance the physical existence – only allowing knowledge to be revealed when the “living” of the progressive consciousness “triggers” the release.  This whole concept, looks like a “rolling wave” of sound/light which would delight the eye were you able to see it.

Now – something which may “set a cat among the pigeons”!  the two schools of thought – creation and evolution are really one and the same!  They are just different names, using different analogies, prophecies, theories.  There is a synergy between the two – one  unable to do without the other!  Like the brain and the heart cannot be apart from the other - do without the other - for the physical body to operate.  You make separate studies of the two in an attempt to understand how each part “ticks” but you would begin to look pretty sick if either the brain or heart decided it no longer needed be a “part” of the other!  They are interdependent – as too are the Creationists and Evolutionists.

How could you do without a life force?  (Creation)  And how could the life force exist without a physical vehicle and the evolvement of that physical vehicle, whether it be man, vegetable, mineral?  (Evolution)

Each and every one of you– and everything – is a symphony of creation and evolution.  The life force of the foetus evolving through birth, infancy, childhood, adulthood and death.  Your own Being is both Creation and Evolution – you are it!  Your immune system is a prime example of the two.  You continue to have life because your body has evolved – become immune – to otherwise fatal diseases.  Your bodies are continually challenged  - a delicate balance between creation and evolution.  There cannot be one without the other in your physical reality!  The sooner you all see that, the happier you will all be and instead of continually “fighting” – attempting to prove and preserve old beliefs/ideas – you will be able to display peace and harmony and knowledge!

There was once a time when the mantle of science and religion were aligned, until battle lines were drawn, spawning fear and dread of the other.  Whilst there is such division between the Creationist and Evolutionists great knowledge is left wanting!  Maybe it is time for both sides to apply wisdom, sheath swords and “explore“ with a united front. Each side has a part to play, a part of the puzzle.  Remember – many Creationists would not be alive today, had they, their parents, and those before them etc. not survived if it had not been for Evolution. (strong immune system – advances in medical science)   And, likewise, the Evolutionists would not survive without vital life force!!!

creation and evolution can take many forms.  Examples can be drawn from science advancement, medical and surgical skills. - your computers’ continually evolving accomplishments.  there are multitudes of physical examples apart from computers.  these are all “outward” physical manifestations of the “original” concepts.  One needs to look to the Original concepts as a synergistic concept to fully appreciate and understand and know what is being shown to you.

Again, lines are being drawn, as has many times before, the last being the trial of Charles Darwin.  Consider the cost of battle fronts before you become lost in the emotional rhetoric.  both “sides’ are really “talking” about the same thing.  they are just using different doors to enter the same house!  the view during the approach to the house and the doors may different – but once inside – the house is the same!!!

Both sides feel the need to “push their own barrows”.  Be creative –– evolve ---  buy a truck and ride in comfort together.  (Great laughter)……..

……….. My name?

Metatron – Creationist and Evolutionist!!!


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