Child’s Play

Can It Be The Solution To Find Our Way?

Channelled by Rae Chapple for Metatron

May 2000

Greetings Blessed Ones,

Ah!  Another new day!  There is always time to play at some time during the day.

It may not be the kind of play that reminds you of your childhood though – it may just be playing with a thought, playing with an image, playing with endless possibilities.  -   All, just another version of the mind play children always find themselves in – when they are being kind – when they are exploring – opting out of the otherwise “boring” world of adults and adult expectations.

Children’s play has no limitations, that is the reason why they appear to sometimes “go over the top” as they hop freely, full heartedly into the middle of the mind play – which they then manifest into physical play.

You know – this is the way to expansion of the mind, which creates another vision of how things currently are.  The little children are not far from total manifestation!!!  In the jubilation of play– they see, and be - another way, unencumbered by restrictions implemented by limited view. (imposed by adult patterning)

Do you know what the logical conclusion of such play would be if adults and society did not place confusion, diffusion/subterfuge upon the play? – (pause) - The logical conclusion would be the child’s play would become reality!

Use unencumbered child play to create your reality.  Life is what you make of it – you know!  Look carefully – and with an open heart – at what the children show you, in their play.  They will either show you a scenario of peaceful co-existence, or a scenario of conflict. 

Their play is a mirror of how you are each day.  They are a far better barometer of your life style than you may care to imagine – reflecting to you what you are “expecting” of them – displayed in their patterning, from what you think, say and do!

Your children are with you – to also guide you - to understand your, and your family’s true reality.

Your children emulate the society in which you, and they, live.

Give them Love and they emulate Love.   Give them fear and conflict, and they emulate fear and conflict.

Look to your children to suss out the “ills” of your society.  They would not – could not – be the way they are, unless the society and its structure are that way too!  How do you think they learn?  Do they learn from rote – what you quote to them – or do they learn from inter-relationship behaviours???

“Practice what you preach”.  Yes?  You have heard these words?

Is this the case, as you face your children – do you show them another side? -  Apply one set of rules for them and when it comes to you -  Apply another?  Are you a Mother, or Father, who truly “practices what you preach”? 

Look to your children – they will show you – teach you.

Sure – they will “test the water” – test the strength of your convictions and words.  That is the province of all children!  They enlist though – the guidance and reliance of your Love for support as they grow.

Watch them – watch them – they will show to you their – and your – sense of fair play.  Allow your children’s play to guide you along the way to becoming a person of fair play – Love and support for everyone you meet.- (pause) -  To greet each one as a friend and begin to play your life as a child again – whole heartedly, with “everything you have got” and maybe – just maybe – you will begin to see the world in a different light – regarding everyone as family!!!

Your beloved Metatron


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