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Words to Feel
and Know
Understanding Self
and Others
Matters Medical,
Psychological, Physical
Sciences of
Evolving Paradigms

 Words to Feel and Know
  Worthiness - Archangel Michael
  "I tell you - You are Worthy
     Home   Fear - Your Friend - Metatron
     E-Mail Us   "To Win the Constant Battle over Fear,.... See the Mantle of Fear
  as your Dear Friend"

With Love I pass these  channellings on  to you.

There is no copyright.
You are free to copy or print the channellings if you wish.

The channellings contain an energy within them.

Take full responsibility if you alter the channellings in any way, for it will change the energy. 

I leave it to you to use these channellings with Love, Truth, Honour and Integrity.

Rae Chapple.
  The Mental - Life's Director - The Great One
  "The Physical Bears the Outward Scars of the Emotional"
  Surrender to Heart Truth - Archangel Michael
  "The Natural State of the Mind is Wisdom.
  ego - the small mind - is 'free choice'!"
  Truthful Feelings - The Great One and Metatron
  "Burying Feelings/Emotions Buries Truth."
  Spirit is Everywhere - Great Spirit
  “There is not one place - one space - that Spirit cannot be found”
  The Day Has Come - Archangel Michael
  "...when you may all join as one"
  Brothers in Arms Armoured/Amoure'd with Love
- Metatron, The Great One & Lord Michael
  "Love is what Arms Us - Love!!! Love is Our/Your Armour"
  What is Our Purpose - Sananda
  "Sananda Replies to a Question many ask-
  What is Our Purpose in this Existence?"
  Mothers! - Come to the Rescue
    "Teach Your Blood Kind - By Example"
    The Gift of Freedom
    "Fly, Precious Child, Fly, for there is now, no limit to your Sky"
Words to Feel
and Know
Understanding Self
and Others
Matters Medical,
Psychological, Physical
Sciences of
Evolving Paradigms
Understanding Self and Others
  Are the Sighted Blind? - Metatron
  A Parable
  Are Your Wants - What You Need - Archangel Michael
  "It is for One to See the Box Which One has Nailed Self In"
     Home   Holding On - Archangel Michael
     E-Mail Us   "Truth Reveals - That Which is Yours is only How you Think and Feel
  All Else - Is Not to Keep"
    River Bed - Sananda
    "The River Bed Always Knows Where it's At"
    Your Maker - You - Metatron
    "Make Peace, so your Divine Self is Exposed"
    Know Your Greatness - Metatron
    "It will Allow You to Begin to Realise your True Potential"
    Separation in the Gender Stakes - Metatron
    "Each and Every One of You Laments the Gender you 'Gave Away'!"
    Balanced Partnerships - Metatron
    "Look Sincerely to Your Partnerships to see where
  Balance & Wisdom is needed within You"
    Visual Identification - The Great One
    "It has been by your Demand/Command you asked for Identification
  of Name, Race, Colour, Creed"
    Truth Reigns Supreme - The Great One
    "Truth will always be seen at the End"
    Remember to Forgive - Forgive to Remember
From Metatron, The Great One, and Multitudes from the Great Central Sun
    "And see the Vision of Peaceful Co-Existence Emerge"
    Reconciliation - The Great One
    "Find What You Have in Common"
    The Table of Reconciliation - Metatron
    "Universal Laws of Love have been Shoved under the Carpet
  on which the Table of Reconciliation Sits"
    Neglect and Abuse - The Great One
    "It is the Fear of Consulting the Truth that 'Drives' Neglect"
Words to Feel
and Know
Understanding Self
and Others
Matters Medical,
Psychological, Physical
Sciences of
Evolving Paradigms
Broken Shackles of Bondage
During the Months of April and May 2001, I seemed to be “tapping into” some sort of composite human morphogenic reasonance, which at times, compelled me to write the material within Desperate Cries of Humanity. There appeared to be a great “searching”, and need to identify deepest pain and longings, which interestingly, was reflected by many of the clients who came to me for help during that time and later. Little did I realise at the time, although I knew something was going to "happen", that the Desperate Cries of Humanity series and in particular Entwined Energy Matrices, were leading up to the events of September 11th – Rae
     Home   Desperate Cries of Humanity
     E-Mail Us   Bondage
    "..we pay homage to that Bondage"
    ".. of thoughts, words and deeds preferred let behind"
    "Each of Us creates the Fear"
    "..taking so many things for granted"
    "..may lead to heart ache.."
    "from whence Truth did depart"
    " issue rather not faced"
    I Am that I Am
    "each moment!"
    Ramifications of Thought
    "..willing each one into submission"
    The Angel Within
    "Claim your Power, for the hour is upon you - to begin Anew!"
    Entwined Energy Matrices - Human Biology/Economics - Metatron, Lord Michael & The Great One.
    "Economic/MoneyMarkets' Energy, directly reflect the
  Emotion/Energy of the Humans"
    I Hear Your Call
    "I am God/Great Spirit - I hear your Prayer, your Call.
  Pray be still. Will you Listen?"
    Too Wit -- Too Woo Philosophy - Metatron
    "Philosophy Never Really Creates Anything - Only Action Creates."
    Perfection Within Everything - Metatron & Archangel Michael
    "When you see things as Imperfect - You battle with it..
  often missing the Oportunity to see the Wisdom"
    Liberation - Freedom - Archangel Michael and Sananda
    "Are you at liberty to See? Are you free from all Constraints-
  to realise you are all Saints?"
    Loving Forgiveness - Archangel Michael
    "Are you prepared to Lovingly Forgive - so You can Live?"
    Questions of Existence - Metatron & Rae
    "Where is it written that One must swear Allegiance to Another?"
    Who Knows - The Great One
    "Few Know, Come - then Go!"
    The Mystery of Mastery - Archangel Michael
    "Mastery is the Artistry of Wisdom painted upon the Canvas of Life
Words to Feel
and Know
Understanding Self
and Others
Matters Medical,
Psychological, Physical
Sciences of
Evolving Paradigms
Matters Medical, Psychological, Physical
  Medical Records - Metatron
Suggested Advice for the Medical Fraternity
     Home   "Medical Records hold the Concepts of the Dysfunction of the Individual.
  Bound in these Records, Energy is Steeped. Invested Energy that
  could be used towards Healing."
     E-Mail Us   Childs Play - Can it be the Solution to Find our Way - Metatron
    "Your Children Emulate the Society in which you, and they, live."
    Schizophrenia - Metatron
    "When the Medical Fraternity, and the Community at Large - is able to
 'See' the remarkable opportunity these Blessed Ones are presenting to
  Humanity, the label, 'Wrong', 'Sick' - no longer need be applied."
    Schizophrenia - The Reason? - The Great One, Metatron, &
Archangel Michael
    "Schizophrenics are very, very gifted people! very truthful when
  dealing with these Gifted Ones. They can see right through you!"
    Healing Tears - Metatron
    "Tears release the Emotion - Emotion which in some cases has been
  Suppressed for Years."
Words to Feel
and Know
Understanding Self
and Others
Matters Medical,
Psychological, Physical
Sciences of
Evolving Paradigms
Sciences of Evolving Paradigms
  Creation and Evolution - Metatron
  "Every one of you - and Everything - is a Symphony
  of Creation and Evolution."
     Home   The Constancy of Change! - The Great One and Metatron
     E-Mail Us   "No thing is constant. All is in a state of Change -
  Change is the Only Constant."
    The Tortoise & The Hare - Revised Paradigm
    - Metatron and The Great One
    "How the 'I Am' Concept may adapt into the new millennium"
    New Phenomena - Energies to Come
    - Metatron and The Great One
    "There is a 'Pull' upon the Earth's Magnetic Field, and upon
  the Magnetic Structure within yourselves."
    The Timespan of Biological Man - Metatron
    "Hidden within the DNA is the 'Time Delay' concept relating
  to your Biological Clock."
    Stretching the Mind Around Time - Metatron
    "View Each Moment as We Do - an Eternity!"
    The Relativity of Time - Metatron
    "Time does not really exist. It is by your creation that it exists.
  And Man must avail himself of his own creation."
    The Vibration of Time - Metatron
    "The speed of Light - Vibration of Light - is measured by
  Man's delight at/of his own existence."
    The Exponential Curve of Time - Metatron and The Great One
    "The Universe is a Spiralling Exponential Curve - These loops
  create a Vortex that pulls All with it."
    Perceptions of the Solid Wall - Metatron and The Great One
    "Matter is only particles/energy resonating at certain vibrations,
  'independent' of one another, creating Mass because of their
  'attractiveness' to the other."
    Morphogenic Resonance - Metatron and The Great One
    "All concepts are rooted in Morphogenic Resonance - created
  by the actions/vibrations of Humanity's Mass 'exciting' the ethers."
    Sound - The Great One
    "Just as your Face is part of your Identification, so is Sound."
    The 'Sound' of HAARP - The Great One and Metatron
    "Earth is your Home - Not just one City, one State, one Country
  What is done on one Continent has Ramifications on all others."
    Sound Reverberates - Sound Compounds
    - Metatron and The Great One
    "Sound can be out of sight, but not out of mind/ear....Sound does
  Align all Thought."
    Sound Resounds upon the Winds of Time
    - Metatron, The Great One and Archangel Michael
    "Sound - light/sound is Time."